When you become a member of a commercial gym, its entitles you to use it during its opening hours. You are just a member of the gym, you do not own any of the machines in the gym and there are rules that you should follow to ensure that you and all the other members get the most out of the gym. Let's start off by telling you some gym etiquette rules that every member of any gym should ALWAYS follow.

gym etiquette rules to followRule One - Always have a towel with you when you are working out and always make sure that you wipe down the machines after you have finished using them. Imagine walking towards the bench press machine and finding the bench covered in a pool of sweat, that is so bad the sweat is dripping onto the floor. This doesn't sound pretty does it, I don't know about you but I've experienced that quite a few times during my gym visits and I wasn't best pleased. I don't mind wiping down my own sweat, but when it comes to wiping someone else's that is were I draw the line

Rule Two - Always put the weights back on the rack when you have finished using them. If you get to a machine that is already pre loaded with the correct amount of weight that you lift, your in luck because it means that you don't need to load up the machine. But just because you found it this way, doesn't mean that you shouldn't remove the weights off the bar when you have finished. Don't just say to yourself monkey see, monkey do and follow what other gym members do. How many times have you gone to the leg press machine and found the machine stacked full of weights. Its a mini workout removing all the weights even before you start your leg workout.

These are the two main gym etiquette rules that you must follow, other rules slightly less important but still should always be followed are. Don't wear perfumes during your workouts, some people are actually allergic to certain perfumes. Plus mix the perfume and sweat together and the resulting smell is not pretty. Another rule is, try not to stay on a machine longer than you should. Monopolizing gym machines, is a quick way to becoming the most hated person in the gym. Follow these basic gym etiquette rules and the result is an happy and friendly workout environment.

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