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Everyone is always concerned about their appearance and overall health. Some individuals decide to diet, while others exercise regularly. When people become obsessed with their physical appearance they tend to join gyms. 

Gyms can serve many purposes. Their primary purpose is to help members stay in shape and maintain excellent health. Other reasons include toning and body building. Professional athletes must also use gyms in order to keep up with their intense careers. 

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So, is a gym really worth the money if you are just a “regular person”? The average gym membership will cost a person around $750 a year (that figure includes the initiation fees). If a member is consistently with a gym for a longer time period, the number typically goes down to about $525 annually. 

So, why do people love gyms so much? Apparently for many reasons, they can interact with others, use different types of equipment, use other facilities the gym has to offer, and get access to a personal trainer. One must remember, if a personal trainer comes into the picture, the overall gym costs start to increase drastically. According to research, the average personal trainer could charge anywhere between $30 to $80 an hour. But what if you want to join a Yoga or Pilates class as well? That will cost you even more money (if it is not included in a package). 

Another issue with gym memberships is the interactive community. Are they really as interactive as people claim? Most people are using loud machines and listening to their headphones. Others are talking on their blue tooth’s while on the treadmill. Maybe they are not as interactive as everybody believed. 

Next are the machines that the gym members get to use. Typically, they are covered in germs and the last guy's sweat. You may want to invest in Lysol wipes before using the Seated Calf Machine.

An interesting machine at the gym is also the most common used machine. Which machine is it? The answer is the Treadmill. The majority of people spend way too much time on Treadmills. There is a much simpler way to get this form of exercise. You can just take a walk around the block or at the park. 


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There is no doubt that some people love going to the gym and that is perfectly fine. In reality, they can just purchase Dumbbells, a Treadmill, a Squat Rack, and even a Leg Curl Machine for a decent price online or in a store. Once these items are purchased an individual will save a ton of money over a long period of time. Furthermore, this day and age, there are free videos and tutorials on every corner of the internet on how to do these exercises. 

Some people will always be fanatical when it comes to working out at the gym, and that is great. As long as they have the money to invest into their ridiculously expensive pastime.


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