Shattered Mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the biggest guns of them all? They are everywhere in the gym. No matter which direction your face, your bound to see yourself in the mirror. Almost every gym has them, may not the outdoor gyms though.


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Anyone who is exercising is more than likely to see a reflection of their selves in the mirror. You may see your face so clearly that you are bothered by the sight your newly born pimple that's been bothering you since you woke up. But hey maybe you'll find a dirty mirror!

These reflection glass type things are either going to completely be of help to some, or a complete disaster for others. The gym is full of different types of people, if you start comparing your self to others, it's going to be either very discouraging or encouraging.

I know for a fact that most women, no matter if they are healthy and not fat, they will claim that they need to lose weight. And the mirror somehow tells them that they are fat, even if they were told that they need to gain weight(fat or muscle!).

How could such a woman go to the gym and face the mirror while she has other people who are exercising with her who could look like the "ideal dream physique" for her to have?!
The gym may as well say goodbye to the big number of customers who can't handle the mirror for various reasons. Especially in public.


So how do you really use these high-tech mirrors that they have placed on every inch of the gym walls?

You should use them for yourself. When your exercising, you should be focused on yourself. If you're not, then you will either injure your self, or your results will become slow. Why would your results become slow? Simply because you're not focused on your exercises so everything else starts to fall with it.

Those mirrors that you face in every workout are incredibly useful. They are for you, no one else and you are supposed to use it to your advantage. Just as I've mentioned in my earlier article about visualizing your success, you should be focused on your form and if you don't really zone into your muscles and exercises, you may not be getting the most out of your program.

How can you ignore distractions that may really be catching your attention in the gym and the reflections of the mirror? For one you can really look into the mirror and tell yourself what you're going to carry out in your workout.

And second you can look at the distraction but not more than a glance. Afterall the distraction could be the hulk coming to smash you for not using your final weapon! (the mirror).

When your working out with this intense focus that doesn't let you become distracted, you'll notice that you'll build up a 6th sense for whats going on around you so you can stay out of harms way. It won't affect your workout because you'll become good at it. 

Although the theory states that when you see yourself in the mirror, you may compare yourself to the ideal look that you wish to have. This may give you a negative state of mind along with some discouragement. Though I believe through practice and discipline you can use the mirror as your secret weapon of sculpting your way to your goals.

It may be difficult at first, especially if you are beside someone, who to your standards, looks amazing. This is where your focus and drive comes in, you know that you'll get there one day, as that person beside you who looks so fit and strong did as well. It should be exciting to know that each workout will bring you closer to where you want to be from a set period from now.

That mirror will give you your current progress, it will give you motivation. It won't give you results over night but it will give you results overtime. It will show you your weaknesses and strengths. It will present you while your performing exercise so you can see if you are making any errors in your form or posture.

If the mirror is still horrifying and intimating for you, then sign up for a gym that does not have mirrors or you can do your workouts conveniently at home. You should never let such a thing bring you down though.

You may not have noticed how mirrors may affect your workouts but now you are aware and can make little steps in either using the mirror in a positive way or disregard the mirror and look for another solution.

Right when you walk in the gym, try to stare yourself deep in your eyes and tell yourself that your workout will bring your closer to your results and you will stop at nothing to work hard and strong in the gym. Visualize your workouts and remember that each workout lost is another step behind. Try to hit that mirror in  every angle to what works and what doesn't!


Look at my previous articles for visualizing techniques that you can use for your workouts. Work out hard and smart as always!