There comes a point for all of us where finding the motivation to go to the gym will prove to be extremely difficult. Working out will seem like a household chore and you'll find every reason not to lift weights or go for a run on the treadmill. Take note of the following tips in whenever you feel like you've hit a road block mentally:

  • Buy a journal to track progress and your current state of mind – You will only find out how far you've come when you look back on your progress. If writing in a journal is not your style, you could also decide to use a computer program like Microsoft Excel to record all the sets and reps and also organise your progress into charts and graphs. Use your journal not only to track your progress, but also to record your feelings when you want to ditch a workout. Recording these thoughts will help you identify patterns – maybe you only lack motivation before your morning workouts? Either way, a commitment to updating your journal will make you think twice before you skip the gym to go drink beer with your buddies.

  • Update the songs on your iPod/MP3 Player – It's funny how good new music always lifts our mood. If you're getting tired of the same old gym playlist, try wiping it and starting over – using a new range of songs to get your workout off to a great start. For new music, check out the iTunes chart or this pump up song thread at

  • Start a collage book of motivational articles/picture clippings – Start printing out articles from the internet that inspire you, it might be a page full of quotes or an article about a regular person who went from geek to freak and refer to them every time you feel like chucking in the towel.

  • Start a new program – One of the common recurring problems with bodybuilding is the monotony. If you've been doing the same 5 day split for the past 6 months, why not change it up? Especially if you've been struggling to make gains, what do you have to lose?

  • Envision the future if you continue on the same path – If you continue to find excuses as to why you shouldn't work out, picture yourself 3 months from now…what will you look like, what will your attitude be like? If you only intend to skip today's workout, how sure can you be that tomorrow will be different? So much of our success in life starts with our mindset, so treat every workout as if it were your last and make every day count!