Cosmetic surgery is basically a subset of surgery which is uniquely involved with enhancing appearance through medical and surgical techniques. Gynecomastia is a condition in which excessive fat deposits are formed in a man's chest area making the area look bloated so much so that for some men their chests look like they have women's breasts. Often termed man boobs this condition can be very embarrassing to the point where men choose to have a type of cosmetic surgery called gynecomastia surgery to correct the problem.

Although in many cases there is no recognized organic cause for the enlargement of breast tissue men have in them various medical problems which may be an underlying cause. These include familial gynecomastia, obesity, aging, chronic liver disease, some medications, and abuse of marijuana or steroids. Physiologic gynecomastia can be seen in elderly individuals, pubescent adolescents, and even newborn infants.

If surgery is needed or desirable the outcomes of surgery vary for each male but basically the surgery consists of excising the fatty tissues around the breast area. Another available procedure is a lipectomy in which the tissue in removed using a suction cup and it may also require skin excisions which are done in a surgical process. This procedure is straightforward and rates of complication are as low as 20%. Occasionally during a surgery medical experts will have to make some revisions but even then there is only minor scaring and the overall results are positive.

This surgical procedure can be performed in a hospital or in a physician's suite and that decision belongs to the patient. An overnight stay is not required regardless of where the procedure is done. First the patient is given an anesthesia for relaxation and to keep him pain free during the procedure. The pain following the surgery can be either moderate or mild depending on the individual male and it generally lasts a few weeks before it begins to subside.

Breast disorders in men can result in cancer or cause other serious psychological and emotional effects so it is important to note that in the majority of these breast surgeries the outcomes are positive. There is often a notable improvement in the appearance of the chest and some men look as though they have just been working out rather than having undergone surgery. The results of the surgical reduction are permanent and because of the great results of the procedure most men are satisfied and have nothing but good things to say after their gynecomastia surgery.