Double down on your coolness with gyro ceiling fans. These eye-catching home accessories sport two fans and a whole lot of decor attitude. Many models use sleek modern lines, while others have a unique vintage charm that will certainly keep your guests talking. Read on to discover more on these unique ceiling fans, one of the most popular brands, and the prices you'll discover out on the market.

Gyro Ceiling Fans: Home Decor Coolness Times Two

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Sometimes one ceiling fan just isn't enough. When you've got a big room, such as a living room, party room, large foyer, or massive outdoor patio, a gyro ceiling fan can make a real difference. These fans are the top of the line for circulating air - whether it's to cool off those big spaces or to move heated air throughout.  Unlike classic ceiling fans which only push air straight downwards, the ceiling fan cages of a gyro ceiling fan can be angled along a ninety degree plane. This means you can create unique air patterns through a room for maximum airflow. Many are also wet rated or damp rated, making them perfect for outdoor use.

Moderns Fans To Vintage Fans

Along with the amazing air circulation, gyro ceiling fans are artistic feats in their own right. Few pieces of home decor can impact a room the way one of these fans can. Their sizes alone make a bold statement, but their styling is where they shine. Many versions nod to modern design with simple lines and quality metal framing and finishes. Others, harken back to early 20th century decor - a time when these fans were very popular as commercial fans - with intricate early century adornments. There's a gyro ceiling fan for nearly any home or room style.

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Minka-Aire: Gyro Ceiling Fan Masters

You can't talk gyro ceiling fans without mentioning Minka-Aire, the maker of most of the gyro ceiling fans available today in the consumer market. Part of the Minka Group, a brand that specializes in innovative lighting home decor, Minka-Aire focuses on artistic and innovative air management solutions. Ceiling fans are a main piece for Minka-Aire, and the company nearly holds the keys to the gyro ceiling fan market. And that's not a bad thing. Minka-Aire is well known for its quality and innovative designs. Their gyro fan styles are bold and yet never over-the-top or gaudy. As far as decorative ceiling fans go, you can't go wrong with Minka-Aire.

Minka Aire F502-BCW Traditional Gyro 42 in. Indoor Ceiling Fan - Belcaro Walnut
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(price as of Jul 4, 2013)

Where To Use Gyro Ceiling Fans

Those big open rooms in your home and outdoor patios are the obvious great fit for gyro ceiling fans. But there is much more opportunity to these fans than that. Many models fit very well with modern home designs, no matter the functional air circulation need. Some of the vintage ceiling fan styles are great for game rooms or parlors. If you've got a room with seating on multiple walls, a gyro ceiling fan can be a big help to get comfortable air circulating to all corners. If you don't have centralized air conditioning or heating, a gyro ceiling fan can be an important tool to help you circulate cool or warm air throughout your home. They are also excellent restaurant or bar ceiling fans, especially those with covered outdoor seating.

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Gyro Ceiling Fan Prices

You can find gyro ceiling fans for around $400 to $600, some more stylized models can reach $800 or more. The price may initially seem high, but remember, you are buying two quality ceiling fans in one, usually highly stylized to boot. 

When you've got your gyro ceiling fans installed, you'll see the price is very warranted for the style and cooling they can bring to your home. You'll love the inspired look you've created and the uniqueness these fans bring to any room. And they are sure to be a hit with your guests. They are the perfect match of art and function.