Many individuals in the modern world desire to lose weight, get fit, and look their best while maintaining a healthy life style. Unfortunately few individuals truly know how to accomplish this and those few only really know that truth in regards to their own bodies. Most diets are simply fads that work for a few people with their unique chemistry but they fail for others or have restrictions and natures that are nigh-impossible to maintain for the average person with weight loss issues. Even worse would be the fact that some individuals truly are genetically predisposed to being heavier than others and weight issues are constant with them.

So What Can Be Done?

Athletic GirlThere is a procedure known as the HCG diet. This particular program is different than any of the fad diets because it truly can melt the fat off of a person's body in an incredible amount of time. HCG stands for Human Choriogonadotropin. This a hormone produced by pregnant women that causes rapid weight loss. The typical result when combined with a very low calorie diet is roughly one to two pounds per day.

This is not the perfect weight loss program for everyone, however. Only individuals that are absolutely set on losing weight should try it. This is not because it will not work for everyone, because it will. The reason is the strict dietary requirements. The one taking the hormonal supplementary injections can only have five hundred calories a day outside of vitamin supplements and water.

The reason HCG works is because it is designed by nature to make certain that a developing fetus will receive the constant stream of calories necessary to grow healthy and strong. All the problems areas a woman has in regards to weight such as the hips and buttocks are prime targets for this hormonal instigator. HCG targets these areas to send stored fat to the developing child.

Some might wonder what this has to do with someone trying to lose weight if they aren't pregnant. The doctors who continually study this phenomenon began to notice as early as the 1950's that young boys who took HCG to grow their underdeveloped genital areas were also losing weight. Studies were undertaken and it was determined that since HCG causes long stored fat deposits to break apart for use that lowering the amount of calories ingested in a day would heavily increase the amount of weight lost.

A typical HCG style diet will run from twenty six to forty days. Typical sources of heavy sugar are restricted such as carbonated beverages and alcohol. The target for the five hundred calories is high-protein foods that are low in pretty much everything else.

The HCG will release the stored fat calories and the body will use this as energy to maintain itself. Hunger pains are kept at a minimum because the body will be more efficient in burning its own stored fuel for a time. No HCG diet is meant to take place for longer than forty three days however.

This means forty days of injections and three days of no injections while maintaining the five hundred calorie diet. The body becomes highly resistant to HCG after around forty days and it takes roughly six weeks to begin a new round of treatment after this so the body can become sensitive to it again.

If you do decide to try the HCG diet, be very careful where you get your product from as there are many individuals trying to take advantage of the HCG trend by pushing HCG scams.