The use of HCG as a cure for obesity and weight loss was first discovered by Dr. A T W Simeons and brought to the attention of the larger public by Trudeau in his New York Times Bestseller book ‘The Weight Loss Cure’

 What is HCG and what does it do?
HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin and is a polypeptide hormone which occurs naturally in the female body during pregnancy.  Dr. Simeons found that the HCG hormone, in small quantities, freed up the body’s fat stores and released it in the form of energy which the body then uses up.

 Although the FDA does not approve HCG for weight loss purposes, it is approved to help with other health matters.  The HCG weight loss system which comprises the HCG hormone and a restricted daily diet of 500 calories is proving to be rather effective for those who have struggled for years, without success, to lose weight.  While the 500 calories per day diet may sound rather daunting, HCG dieters report that they do not feel hungry or any cravings.  This is because the HCG released stored fats are circulating around the body and so the dieter feels full and very energized as s/he has all this available energy to use up.

 HCG To Lose Fat
To lose weight with the HCG diet involves going through a specific number of days on the recommended restricted calorie diet in combination with a specified dose of HCG.  You have a choice of hcg injections or hcg drops or hcg supplements.   Once you are on the calorie restricted diet and when the body demands energy, the HCG hormone will ensure that that energy is released from the stored fats and not from your lean muscle mass. 

The HCG diet promises that you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days.  So if you do want to lose fat quickly then find yourself a good book about the HCG diet which will give you details of how to follow the diet and the foods you are allowed to eat.  Most large bookstores now have several books about the HCG diet and some of the books even include recipes for you to make out of the permitted foods.  

How do you buy HCG?  As mentioned these can be hcg injections or drops or supplements.  Many doctors are now prescribing these for patients with serious weight problems.  Should your doctor be unable to prescribe them for any reason then you will find many sources and suppliers of HCG on the internet as it is not a prescribed item and therefore easily available.  

People are reporting positive and fast results with this weight loss system especially for those who have lost tremendous amounts of fat.  People are impressed at this fast and safe way to not only lose the weight but to keep it off as well.  Many happy dieters out there are very grateful to Dr. Simeons for discovering this formula and to Trudeau for popularizing it.  It is very different from other diets and completely reshapes your approach to food and thinking about your health.  This may well be the very last time you have to think about how to lose fat.