Losing Inches With hCG?

Measuring Your Waist

Why You Need HCG Injections to Lose Weight

Perhaps I should title this "Why They Say You Need hCG Injections to Lose Weight".   What is this hype with the hCG diet anyway, and why so much controversy?

How The hCG Diet Is Supposed To Work

So, hCG or  Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy.  No one truly knows what its role is, but some scientists think it may help protect the baby from the mothers immune system. 

Sometime back int he 1950's a Dr. Albert Simeon published a pamphlet called “Pounds & Inches a New Approach to Obesity”.  In it, he discusses how hCG is supposed to trick the body into thinking it is pregnant and causing it to burn calories differently.  Dr. Simeon claims that hCG helps protect the muscles from damage (cannabalism) while still enabling the body to lose fat. 

There is still some question as to the validity of these claims, as no scientific study has been able to conclusively verify them.

What is certain, is that if you put your body on a Very Low Calorie Diet , it will lose weight -- with or without hCG injections. 

How to Get hCG Injections

If you are interested in getting hCG injections, I would recommend that you seek professional medical care.  This is vital for a few reasons:

A. The diet is extremely hard on the body and can lead to complications such as hair loss and kidney failure.  It is wise to have your body closely monitored while on a Very Low Calorie Diet. 

B. Dangerous side effects such as Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome can occur and need to be caught and treated immediately. Several deaths have occurred from complications arising from Ovarian Hyperstimulation. 

C. hCG is a prescription drug and should only be used under a physician's supervision.

What About Buying hCG Injections Online?

There are several places where you can purchase hCG injections solution on the internet. However, in my research I found several concerning factors surrounding hCG injections that are sold online.

A. They are typically produced out of the country in places such as India.  These labs typically have different standards than our American labs.

B. They are sold in powdered form and must be mixed.  The last time I heard about someone mixing something in their kitchen to inject themselves... well, lets just say it has some sanitary risks.  I would certainly leave the drug mixing to the Pharmacists. 

C. Did I mention that hCG is a prescription drug and the side effects can kill you?  It should only be used under a Physician's supervision.

What about Homeopathic hCG?

The Homeopathic hCG was outlawed by the FDA in December, 2011, but it is still readily found on the internet.  If you study the manufacturing process of homeopathic medications you quickly discover that it is a hyper-diluted solution that is 99.99999% sugar water.

They say it contains the "essence" or "energy of hCG".

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All Facetiousness Aside...

There are some real dangers to the hCG diet.  Do your research and then get a real doctor involved in your plan.  

And, best wishes on become a lighter, fitter you!