Finally the fat came off safely!!!

Many women and men find it difficult to take off weight.  Women I know (myself included) have struggled with weight over the years in attempt to: get the "baby fat" off, or put off our own health, eating for comfort (and other rationalizations), or just going through our body changes as we age. We think about our weight everyday and put forth a new effort to think right about our bodies and food,  and exercise to get ourselves back to where "thin" is.

What some people don't know is that there is a medical and non-invasive method to losing weight.  Seeking out an Anti-Aging/Practical Medicine Doctor can help in weight loss.  In my experience there is other bio-chemical factors that prevent weight loss especially in mid-life women:

1. Stress was one of the leading factors that prevent both men and women from losing weight.   Cortisol is a  hormone  that is generated by the body during those times of "fight or flight" this is good if you encouter a "tiger in the jungle" and you need to escape. Unfortunately, with our stressful lives we are living in that mode continually and the body is constantly trying to reserve fat stores to protect our internal organs.  It is very hard to lose weight when this occurs.

2. Another factor is hormone imbalance (being 50 this year)  in many women approaching menopause, vital types of estrogen and other hormones are not produced or drop to lower levels.  These hormones keep us young, bio-identical hormones may help and are hot the traditional H.R.T. hormones that the allopathic Doctors may prescribe.

3.The  hypothalymus, (or controller of the weight set point) may not functioning optimally. Many years of regular over eating keeps bodies set point at the same high weight no matter what.

When you see an Anti-aging Doctor he/she will have you get a blood test and recommend other test to determine your levels to see if your body is working efficiently (ours tend not to).  Your Doctor can also prescribe HCG! Do you hear angelic voices? You should!!! This is what we have all been "weighting" for!!  It is NOT an over the counter drug. It is NOT the droper bottle of HCG that can be obtained from a health store. HCG( not to be confused with HGH, which is human growth hormone and is illegal) is a controlled substance in New York State that only a Doctor can prescribe. There is also an eating regimen that you will have to follow very closely!

Day 1 and 2-One tablet is placed under the tongue and dissolved 6 out of 7 days usually for three-weeks. During the first two days there is a "glut" eating and feasting that sets up the metabolism for the diet.

 Day 3-21  The Diet one tablet as directed dissolved under the tongue.

Breakfast-10 oz of water and a protein shake for breakfast.

Lunch-3 0z. of meat and a handful of recommended greens and 10 oz. of water.

Snack- Protein Shake

Dinner-the same as lunch plus one small handful of melon.

There are dietary restrictions that would negate the HCG like: dairy, oils, sugar etc.

If you are thinking that this does not sound like much. Your right!  You maybe questioning the safety of this diet.  Not to worry, HCG is a hormone that occurs when the body releases a woman's fat stores to feed the fetus during pregnancy.  The HCG releases the fat stores in your body as energy you can live on, about 2000 calories a day! With a 700 calorie food intake and a 2000 calorie usage it is typical to lose 1 to 2 lbs a day! Hunger is not typically a factor, however, the thinner one becomes  there might be a need for an additional protien based snack. The nice thing about this diet is that it last in three-week increments.

I went from a size 12 to a size 4/6 in six weeks (two rounds of HCG)! My hips shrunk from 42" to 37"

If you are ready to lose the weight and really stick to a plan HCG is the way to go.  My friend at work is sticking to her HCG program and every time I see her she is thinner and her clothes look baggy! Members of my family have taken it with wonderful results. HCG is revolutionary, natural and safe. Everyday I am so grateful to have had this weight loss aide, it is like no other. Find an anti-aging Doctor in your town, reset your metabolism and start your transformation today!

This article is written from my experience and does not contain any medical advice. Going to a Board Certified Anti-Aging Doctor will determine your own outcome due to individual health and body factors. 

Thank you for reading my article.