The HDMI splitter is used to transmit high definition multimedia interface video signals to multiple displays over a certain distance. It is compatible with digital audio and video content and helps to provide good quality image and the sound clarity. HDMI Video signal can be transmitted over a longer distance if two or more such amplifiers are clubbed together. It supports devices like DVD players, D-VHS players, set top boxes.

Such devices are HDMI and HDCP compliant and help to maintain high resolution video signals. Such devices can be used in business centers, conference rooms. HDMI Splitter installation process is very easy and just takes few seconds and works on the plug-in and plug out functionality. The configuration of this device is such as that the digital source is connected to one side and the HDMI outputs are connected to other side.

The video signal transmitted through it is free from piracy as the HDCP complaint helps to display the image with clarity. It is used for digital signage hardware applications and other security purpose and also the multiple screen operation helps to enjoy the supreme quality of high definition audio and video. This device is also called the signal booster and splitter. It supports high resolution signals and gives better output. It is available in 2, 4 or 8 port configurations.

It can be used in for larger applications. There is one more device known by the name hdmi matrix switch as it is a combination of splitter and switch. It is used best for remote connectivity via TCP/IP. It uses a single cable for the relay of video and audio signals and thus it saves the space and reduces the clutter. Thus the main function of the splitter is to duplicate and split the HDMI signals and route them to two or more output display devices.

HDMI splitter splits the high-definition video and digital audio signals taken from a single source and distributes them to multiple units.  It provides the most efficient way of making connections standard for digital connections as through it the satellite receiver as HDMI can be connected to  the TV or DVD player which are placed  in the different rooms. This splitter is used to combine the video and audio with in a single cable which in turn avoids the encumbering of both the audio as well as the video installations. It is easy to install it because of its compacted size and consumes low power.