High Dynamic Range Image


Things you need ?

a) a digital cam
b) 3 spheres with a radius from 10 bis 30cm
- one silver, full reflective, mirroring sphere
- one white, matte sphere
- one grey, matte sphere

c) a tripod
d) a kind of tripod for your spheres
e) a white board
f) a little table
g) your laptop


If you have the choice you should choose a digital cam with remote control. So you can connect your camera with your laptop. If you don´t have this feature, then it would be good to have a timer on your cam. 

That´s important, because I could see, that you can get lot´s of distortions in your image. If you shoot with a longer shutter speed, the image will get blurry. 

Spheres for the probes:
The probes are nothing more than simply spheres you can get in every super market store. If you ask for spheres which you can use in the garden for your roses, than you are on the right way. I could also see, that you can use spheres you usually find on christmas trees. The core is hollow and not massive.

a) Location:
Think about where you want to make your snapshots and what you want to photograph. For your first try I would recommend to choose a simple living room before you try an exterior shot. You should get ready with your cam and software. 

b) White Balance:
Before you start shooting your first images, you should make a white balance. 

c) Setup your tripod, the spheres and your camera
Put the camera on your tripod. On the same height and 1 meter in front of your camera, you position the linkage with the silver reflection sphere. Your camera shows directly to the sphere (front view). Now put the camera 1 meter in front of your sphere, and watch out that you will get the same height as the sphere. You should see the sphere on your camera. For that, select the right zoom. Now get sure, that you can make the photo with your remote control, and that you have activated your automatic modus. So you can see if your sphere is 100% sharp and correct on your photograph. 

If this photograph is perfect, choose on your camera the best pixel solution. Now change your modus to manual, and choose for each photo a different shutter speed.  If the shutter speed is longer, more light comes on the image and so it will get much brighter. If the shutter speed is too long, you run in danger to get distortions on your image. To avoid that, you use the tripod. Of course, you have to see the shutter speed dependent to the f-stops. 



For your HDR-Image it´s enough if you make 6 to 8 images. Make your first image, with a very long shutter speed, as instance 10 seconds. You will see, that the image gets extrem bright. And you should know, that a good HDR Image has a bride range or even a high range of light information, that gets from bright to dark. So don´t get confused about that, it´s okay. Important are the different shutter speeds and there unit steps between. In the praxis I could see, that it is very good if you have 4 steps between your shutter speed range. As instance, 10 seconds for your first image, and the second shot you make with 4 seconds, and so on.



Tools to create your own high dynamic images

HDR Tools

HDRI for 3D - Make your own in 5 minutes
Credit: Bernhard Rieder



The Spheres
Credit: Bernhard Rieder

Different Shutter Speed

F-Stop is constant

Different settings
Credit: Bernhard Rieder