HDTVs- Plasma, LCD, or LED

With so many options, it is hard to decide without completely knowing all of the benefits of each type of television. It's amazing how the times and technology progress; the only television option 30 years ago was simply one speaker or two, and now its whether you want high definition for motion pictures or relatively still pictures. With the right knowledge a television buyer can make the right decision based on their situation and budget. It is true that any of the types of televisions that you decide on will make your jaw drop to the floor because the technology in them is amazing and they all produce astonishing picture quality; however, with the right research and knowledge you can purchase a television that suits your situation so that it keeps your jaw on the floor for years to come. I am not going to tell you which type of television is best in this article; but I will be explaining the pros and cons of each type of television throughout this article so that you can make the decision yourself based on your own wants and needs.


Plasma TVs fall in the middle of the budget game; they are relatively inexpensive. Plasma TVs offer a wide viewing angle that boasts more than 179 degrees! These HDTVs dominate the LCD style TVs in most viewing conditions; plasma looks better in any light darker than morning. These TVs are very bright so they continually win over LCDs in dark room conditions; however, this is counterproductive in the morning in which it actually hinders the television's ability to display the picture with optimal view. If you usually watch television after about 4 o'clock in the afternoon than this should be your choice; however, if you find yourself watching TV in the mornings than you should consider one of the other types. Plasma TVs have a higher contrast ratio and win that battle by far; their pictures display the colors in as dark and bright as your eyes have the ability to recognize; part of the extra price of the television can be attributed to this. The utilization of the television that you are going to be buying also plays a large role in your choice. Plasma TVs display pictures with motion extremely well; however, they lack the ability to do the same with still images. If you are planning on using your television for any computer usage, or anything else that would involve the display of still images, then plasma would probably not be your best choice as it would not produce the picture quality that you would be hoping for.


LCD TVs were made with an average budget in mind; they are the least expensive of the 3 types of televisions. LCD TVs are not currently made as big as the other options so if you're looking for a 60 inch TV to put in your living room this is not the choice for you. They provide roughly the same overall picture quality as plasma TVs; however, they are dominant in the opposite ways. LCD TVs produce a much better picture when they are displaying still images; however, their ability to display fast changing images is not up to par with plasma TVs. Their dimmer lighting allows for their optimal viewing capability to be in broad daylight; so if you find yourself watching TV mostly during the day, then this should be your choice. Depending on your average television watching time, and the most common use of the television the LCD may or may not be your best choice.


LED TVs are merely a different group of LCD TVs. They were created with very little consideration of budget in mind as they are the most expensive of all of the televisions by far! These televisions have the ability to dim certain diodes of their displays so that their darks may become as amazing as Plasma TVs are; moreover this dimming converts to energy efficiency. LED TVs are the most energy efficient of the bunch, so some of that extra cost may be recuperated over the months to come with a decreased energy bill. These TVs are also the slimmest of the bunch by far, which also means that they are lighter. A lighter TV means easier transportation and installation; this TV would be your best bet if your situation has you moving the TV around frequently. All of these extra benefits, combined with the fact that LED TVs are the absolute newest technology create such a high price tag.

There is no doubt that the purchase of absolutely any of these TVs will put a smile on your face. Your choice of Plasma, LCD, or LED all depends on your financial and viewing situation. They all have roughly the same viewing lifetime of about 15 years before their brightness is halved, so the deciding factor is simply what suits your lifestyle best! I hope that you are satisfied with your choice, and that this article has helped you make that decision in the best manner.