A lot of people may have forgotten about the HD DVD format. It pretty much was abolished by Blu-ray in 2008. Toshiba and Sony were the two competing companies that offered their respective new technology to replace DVD. They both offered great picture, sharper images, more interactivity and just an overall superior time watching movies. If you browse on Amazon, you may still find some HD DVD players on the market, but surprisingly they're extremely expensive. Some of the first HD DVD players, a few years after the format died, still cost about 600 bucks retail. Alternatively, you can find a Blu-ray player at a lot more reasonable price. It's just my guest, but I don't think those HD DVD players are going to be sold anytime soon. Still though, HD DVD movies are also available and are being sold at extremely low prices. Movies that used to cost 20 bucks now can be found for a little over 2. So if you still have an HD DVD player, and are looking for a way to grab quality movies at an expensive price, here are a few notable ones I think you'll enjoy.

The Best of HD DVD - Family

Box sets are always great to have as they can be collectibles and can also carry a theme. The Best of HD/DVD - Family box set contains four movies: Ant Bully, Scooby-Doo, Happy Feet and Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. All these movies are great for those who have kids or just enjoy family friendly movies. Ant Bully is about a kid who is shrunken down to the miniature size of the insects he hates, ants, and ends up being their local hero. Happy Feet is about a penguin who enjoys dancing. This is an Oscar winning movie with 12 other nominations. The Corpse Bride is reminiscent of The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Scooby-Doo brings the classic animated picture to the big screen (or your small HD-ready screen).

Harry Potter

For those of you who love decorated box sets, the Harry Potter Years 1-5 Gift Set comes decorated as a miniature trunk and contains 5 Harry Potter movies. From Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This could be considered a collectible more-so than anything else because obviously it's in an discontinued format, but it also contains trading cards, bookmarks, a bunch of interactive features and of course the classic movies. You'll get to view various documentaries and get a behind the scenes look at each movie. And you'll also be able to view extra scenes that weren't seen in theaters.

planet earthCredit: amazon

Planet Earth

The Planet Earth series that came on the Discovery channel will definitely stretch HD DVD quality to its limits. Remember the breathtaking scenes the series produced while on TV? Well, now you'll be able to enjoy that on your HD DVD player. View awesome landscapes, massive waterfalls and learn about how nature behaves uninhibited by man. Also explore deep caverns that only a few have ventured and educate yourself about the different animals that populate the blue planet we all share. More than 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon, so this is definitely a must have, no matter which format you but it in.

Cheap Movies

These movies can be found at reduced prices, although some may be hard to find as they're collectibles and HD DVD movies aren't being distributed anymore. So if you bought an HD DVD player back in its heyday, and still need a few more movies to increase your library, buying from the HD DVD format will save you money as well as giving you superior quality than DVD format which is being replaced.