HEPA Filter by Heaven Fresh


Multi-Filter Sections which filter out all types of bacteria, dust and mold spores.

Very low power consumption at only 80 watts at high fan setting

Quite reasonably priced: $229.00 with free shipping the lower 48.



Full Review

If you have reason to believe that you have contaminated air in your home or wish to prevent the growth of bacteria and toxic black mold, you should look into a HEPA air purifier. The NaturoPure HF-380 by Heaven Fresh, Inc. is a very impressive multi-filter, air cleaner purifier. Some of the things you should look for in an quality air purifier would be:

Pre-Filter Section which is washable and easily removed for easy cleaning.

Dust Collector Plates which are also very easily cleaned.

Activated Carbon Filter: This will remove odors such a tobacco smoke and VOC's.

Photocatalytic Oxidation Filter which reduces chemicals, bacteria and odors.

HEPA Filter which is a very high efficiency filter that traps dust, allergens and other solid particulates.

Germicidal UV Lamp Section which destroys germs, bacteria and mold fungi, including black mold.

Ionizer Section which generates trillions of negative ions that neutralize floating pollutants in our air.

One of my favorite features on this unit is the automatic mode, which allows the air cleaner to set itself according to the cleanliness of the air, reducing the units power consumption even more that the already low 80 watt high fan setting.

Other features that are included in this air cleaner purifier include, odor, dust and allergen sensors, clean air monitoring, filter replacement monitors and UV indicator light to indicate if the UV filter section is operating properly.

In Closing

This is a great little portable filter system with a lot of horsepower for the money. Low price and very low power consumption coupled with quiet operation make this a ideal unit for homeowners wishing to improve the indoor air quality of their home. This unit can also be used in conjunction with a toxic black mold cleanup operation as it will scrub the air of free borne mold spores that are released during the cleanup operation.