HHO Generator - For newbie’s


What is an HHO Generator

            An HHO generator is usually a container that produces hydrogen and oxygen gas from water. Hydrogen and Oxygen are very flammable, explosive, and can be used in welding. HHO Generators use electricity, usually from a 12v car battery, to produce the gas through the process of electrolysis. The Electrolysis Process is basically running electrical current through water and splitting the bonds. In order for the electrolysis to work you need A. a Cathode (negative lead), B. an Anode (Positive lead), and C. and electrolyte (baking soda, lye, salt, ex.). The byproduct of an HHO Generator is WATER. Link to my Alternative Energy article.




For this project you will need a few materials.

1. Glass jar with a lid (Preferably air tight jar with plastic lid, some lid that holes can be made into)

2. 2 pieces of stainless steel (tube, plate, ex.)

3. Electrolyte (salt, baking soda, lye, ex.)

4. 6 or 12v battery, preferably 12v

5. Wires

6. Bubbler (Will show how to build this, scroll down)

7. Flash back arrestor

8. Plastic Tubing (like the ones used in fish tanks)

9. Hot glue gun

10. Water



            Before even building one of these devices you should know the pros and cons of such a device.


            1. Used for welding because metal will turn hotter; faster, than with a regular welder.

            2. Can be relatively cheap to make

            3. After it is build all you require is more water and an eventual charge, or change, to the battery.

4. Some people state it an help improve miles per gallon (mpg/fuel economy)



            1. Inefficient because you can only get less energy than what you put in.


3. Some say it does NOT improve per gallon (mpg/fuel economy)



Bubbler: What is it and how do I build it?

            The bubbler is a container filled with water. The gas comes out of the generator and enters the water, then floats to the top, and exits out another tube. This is there incase there is a flash back (When the fire races back down the tube towards the generator); to prevent any flame from reaching the generator and having the whole thing explode. The water acts as a shield and stops the fire from entering tube #1 (the one that goes from the generator to the bubbler) and reaching the generator. In order to build the bubbler you will need a jar (water bottle will work), some tape, and the two plastic tubes you were going to use. Make three holes in the jar. Put one tube through two of the holes and cover the other one with tape. Use hot glue to seal the two holes where the tubes go through. That’s it! You now have a bubbler; you just need to fill it up with water!






How to Build the HHO Generator

            Straight to the point! Get the glass jar and make three holes at the top. Pass one piece of the stainless steal through one hole and the other piece through the other hole. Seal both holes with hot glue to make it air tight. Attach tube #1 (the one that goes from the generator to the bubbler) to one of the holes and seal the hole with hot glue. Next make sure the generator is attached to the bubbler properly. Attach the flashback arrestor to tube #2 (the one that goes out of the bubbler) and then fill both the bubbler and the generator jar with water. Add some electrolytes to the water in the generator jar and attach both wires to the stainless steel pieces. Then attach both wires to the batteries terminals and the stainless steal pieces should start producing bubbles. These bubbles are hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen comes from the anode/positive, and oxygen comes from the cathode/negative. The gas then flows to the bubbler, then out the bubbler and past the flashback arrestor. I would suggest adding another piece of tubing after the flashback arrestor and maybe a welder’s tip to that tube. That’s it! You now have a working HHO Generator.

            Some people attach these to their cars intake and report higher mpg. This is plausible because it leans out the engine but might damage your engine. In mythbusters they tried this but missed a few things such as an electrolyte and a flash back arrestor. MYTHBUSTERS DID START A CAR ON JUST HYDROGEN ALONE. Use caution when attempting this. If you figure out something and think you have a true genius invention on your hands then I would like to inform you that there is a million dollar competition on HHO generators. Thank You for reading this article!