HIV Urine Testing Kits: Discreet Home HIV Testing

Home HIV Testing Kits have become a popular and discreet way to test for HIV without the hassle or embarrassment of making an appointment with a physician. Home HIV test kits used to require a blood sample in order to test for HIV, but now they are available in urine HIV test kits. An HIV test kit that uses urine instead of blood is beneficial because it helps eliminate the discomfort of the testing process that is often associated with collecting a blood sample to test. Blood sample kits take additional time to process, because the blood must be processed in a laboratory before the results of the test can be made available to the recipient. Whichever home HIV testing kit option is chosen, it has become fast and easy to obtain results from the privacy of your own home.

Get Tested For HIV As Soon As You Think You May Have Been Exposed

If you think that you may have been exposed to HIV, it is imperative that you get tested as soon as possible. Getting tested for HIV and obtaining treatment as necessary can help ensure that you remain healthy for as long as possible. A home testing kit can provide you with the relief and peace of mind to have an answer after you have been exposed to HIV. With the ease and convenience of a home HIV urine test and a fast, discreet way to get test results, there is really no reason not to get tested. Many HIV Urine Testing Kits, such as the URASURE HIV Test Kit will provide results at home within minutes, without requiring the tester to send their urine in to a lab. These kits use a device similar to a home pregnancy test, so that you can easily read your results shortly after the test is performed.

These testing kits are priced very affordably and are easy to order online, so everyone has access to this simple HIV test and fast, accurate results. Even if you feel that your risk of exposure is small, it is always a good idea to get tested so that you know for sure. HIV testing is a wise idea for those who:

  • Have just ended a relationship
  • Have been cheated on or have been unfaithful
  • Wish to have unprotected sex with a partner 
  • Are considering getting pregnant
  • Have signs or symptoms of concern
  • Have tested positive for other STD's
  • Have been raped or abused in the past
  • Have had multiple sexual partners
  • Just aren't sure and want to take control of their health

HIV Saliva Test Kit

If you prefer, there are also home HIV Saliva Test Kits available that can test for HIV using your saliva as a medium. Similar to the urine testing kits, HIV saliva testing kits provide simplicity and convenience so that you can obtain the results you need, quickly and discreetly. All that is needed is a sample of your saliva and the test will do the rest. An added benefit to home HIV testing is that most home HIV testing kits come in discrete, plain packaging for your privacy and protection. 

The ease and affordability of these HIV test kits have virtually eliminated every excuse for those who haven't been tested yet. There is no need to wait and wonder any longer- your health is just too valuable. Take control of your health today. What are you waiting for?