Believe me, it is possible to go on holiday without paying one cent for accommodation. Yes, holiday accommodation for free! Let me explain how.


It's simple – home swapping! Not for ever, just for a week or two.


This idea has been around since the 1950's, but it is amazing how few people know about this concept. To all the people I have spoken to about this idea, only about 20% of them knew about home swapping.


If you own a house, townhouse, cabin, apartment or flat that looks attractive and is clean and neat, preferably close to the sea or mountains or any popular holiday setting, you can benefit from home swapping too. All you have to do is join a website community, and there are tons of them, that offer a membership service that puts you into contact with other members wanting to go on holiday for next to nothing too. A simple search on any search engine for “home swap” will do the trick.


You can even advertise on any or all or the free classified ad sites, and you should get swamped with inquiries.


There are so many benefits of home swapping, apart from the fact that you can go on holiday without paying for accommodation.


You can make new life-long friends in lots of different countries. Talk to the locals, make friends with them and away you go. It is much easier to strike up a conversation when you are on holiday, because you are so much more relaxed, as opposed to being all stressed-out at work.


You can even contact the person that you are swapping with before you go and arrange to swap cars as well. Both parties can adjust their insurance policies to allow for this. Of course you have to keep in mind that you will have to have an international drivers license for driving in a different country. If you don't have one, it is not a problem either, because you can hire a driver there to take you from one destination to the other. Look through the local newspaper classifieds and you are bound to find somebody advertising their services.


Another benefit of home swapping is that you get to learn about more different cultures and habits and get to see places that would otherwise have been impossible to see, except on the internet and on pictures. You can even afford to go on holiday twice a year instead of once a year, because of all the money you save!


One of the biggest bonuses is that you can live like a local in a different country. Many people are crazy about this. Go to the market, cinemas, shopping centers, etc as if you are a local. Blend in with the locals. This is an excellent way to keep the vultures at bay that target tourists and swindle them out of their money.


I hope I managed to plant a seed about the concept of home swap, that will save you thousands and thousands of dollars, especially if you were not aware of the possibility before. Happy home swapping!