Unless you have one of those kenmore self cleaning ovens then we have to do the hard work ourselves. Here are a few suggestions to make life a little easier with no toxic smell



There is no worse job in our kitchen than having to clean out your oven.You can buy the best of stoves except for those self cleaning ones, and they just do not stay clean for long.Either we overfill the trays or the fat splatters onto the sides and top of the oven.Then after being used a few times it starts a build-up of grease and fat which is hard to remove.






I know there are many spray on cleaners, foaming cleaners, you name it they come in all shapes and sizes of container. Some you need to have a hot oven, some you put on a cold oven.The print on the container is so small you need binoculars to read the directions.







Oh yes, I am not going to forget the smell or odor, this is the real killer.What are those fumes doing to our insides?To be honest I do not want to hazard a guess.Like all the chemicals we use in our kitchens it cannot be any good for our health.







Oven racks, shelving and roasting dishes







When did you last look at those once shining stainless steel oven racks?No I mean really looked at them.I bet they are not shining now, nor silver.Yes, I know you have kept putting it off, dreading that job.Well dread it no more.







That is the reason why I want to give you tips of a simpler and healthier way on how to clean your oven, racks and roasting dishes.No it will not mean that you have to scrub too hard either.For most of this cleaning process it will be a case of putting the parts in to soak.







You will need







A pair of gloves (not for scrubbing) just to keep those little pinkies of yours clean that's all.




A Bottle of Liquid Dynamo Concentrate (Available in most supermarkets)




An empty Laundry sink




Hot water




Stiff Brush








Stainless steel mit














To clean your oven, remove all racks, roasting dishes and any baking trays and place in the laundry sink. Pour in 2 caps of the laundry detergent.Now cover everything in the sink with hot water. Now leave to soak overnight.




Now this is the harder part. If you have one of those oven doors that is easily removed then do it now.It will make it easier to reach into the oven.Using a damp cloth pour on some liquid detergent and generously cover every inch of the oven with this. Do not forget to do the same with the oven door. Leave overnight.







If this is the first time you have done your oven in twelve months then it may take a bit more work.If you did it a few months ago it will be very easy.










Removing dirt from racks




Lift out one of the silver racks, now using stiff brush rub it lightly over rack. The brown should just fall off.As you do each one take it outside.When all done get your hose (best with pressure end on) Now hose them down and they should all be shining like new again.







Cleaning the oven







Using a soft damp cloth, wipe the entire oven out.If a little stubborn you could give it a bit of a rub with the steel mitt, if still badly stained treat it again and leave. Normally if done every three months it will just wipe off.







If you wipe your oven out with a damp cloth once a week this would not build up like this.Or even clean it every three months it would not get in this state again.That is entirely up to you to decide on which action you are to take in that regards.More often is much easier in the long run.




Alternate Cleaning idea







Make a paste from Bicarbonate of soda and water and leave on the oven overnight and wipe off.







Other uses for Dynamo Liquid Concentrate







These all require a little of the solution put in water: Then leave the items to soak.







Cleaning the stains from inside thermos flasks (fill with water and teaspoon of dynamo) rinse thoroughly or soapy coffee




Cleaning hair from hair brushes and combs (Soak and rinse)




Cleans ceiling exhausts (soak and rinse)




This stuff works like magic, and is not too expensive.A little goes a long way and it is also great for rubbing on stubborn stains before washing the clothes.


So that is How to clean your oven with no Toxic smell. I hope this saved you from using too much energy.