One of the most terrible nightmares for homeowners is probably to discover that there is mold in their house. In fact, finding those unsightly brownish or purplish stains on walls or ceilings or even in the basement is not only nasty and disgusting but also something worth worrying about because of the devastating effects it can have on the structure of your home and on your health.

 Mold can occur almost anywhere, especially in those places that are cool, wet and dark such as basements or below the bathroom or kitchen sink. Mold seems to know that we do not like crawling very much and chooses especially those areas that are hard to reach and, therefore, hard to detect if they are excessively wet. In fact, in most occasions, by the time we realize that mold has found its home in our basement or bathroom it is already too late and removing it and repairing the damage is more costly and takes significantly much longer.

Fortunately, home owners can do plenty of things to keep their house free of mold and, to your relief, they do not include doing the “Sun Dance” every morning at 5 am so that it does not rain in your area. Let’s just discuss simple measure you can undertake to keep mold away from your home:

One of the  measures you can take is to check the different pipes in your house on a regular basis. You should not only look into the bathroom or kitchen pipes but also into the ones in your basement. You should remember that even a small leak can provide mold with the right environment to develop. If you notice that one of your pipes needs repairing, either do it yourself or call a professional plumber as soon as possible.

It is also worthy to make sure you do not store in your basement things that trap humidity such as paper, wood or cloth. If you need to keep documents or reports, always try to place them in air tight containers.

It is also highly advisable that you invest in a moisture sensor. It is a very convenient device that you can place in your basement or bathroom in order to allow you monitor the amount of humidity present in the environment. These instruments provide you with accurate and precise information regarding how wet the environment is and allow you to take any necessary corrective measure as soon as possible.