I have come across many sites and found out that each and every bloggers asks  for better traffic for their blogs. That's why I came up with a solution by writing an article about traffic increasing methods and it will surely give an enormous boost for your site and earn huge amounts of traffic.


1>  GUEST POSTING - It is one of the best and useful way of earning huge amount of traffic towards your blog. You can do this by writing or rather submitting your articles to other sites and also adding your blogs link in the article you are posting. These gives a backlink for your blog. When the articles will be read by other people they will be tempted to know more about you and your blog's link which you have given. Thus, the reader will click on the mentioned link and which in turn will provide you with more traffic on your blog.(NOTE :- Your guest posting article must be good enough to attract readers know more about you, so write a good quality and unique article)

2> BLOG COMMENTING - Another great way of having increasing traffic on your blog is commenting on other blogs. You just have to visit those blogs of the same genre or of the  same category and go to the comments section and write your feedback about the blog and also leave behind your blog's link on the comments section. Which will create backlinks for your blog and when ever someone clicks on it you get more traffic for your blog.

3> SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES - Social Networking sites are a great source for traffic boost. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, etc, can earn enormous traffic on your blogs. Share your blog with your friends and family. Also you can advertise your blog on Facebook but that will cost you a little money but its worth it. Try creating a group or community or page in these sites it will benefit you with loads of traffic.

4> SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES - If you want to promote your blog and share it with thousands of other people this is the way to do so. This sites are used to manage and store your submitted bookmarks of your site. I strongly recommend to use StumbleUpon,its awesome, as it gives you continuous and consistent traffic. Also other Social Bookmarking Sites like Digg, delicious, redgage, etc, can provide you with good traffic.

5> TAGS - A very small thing but still neglected by many bloggers. Please do not forget to add tags for each and every post you publish.

6> BLOG DIRECTORIES - Submit your blogs to the biggest blog directories and blog forums for more traffic.

7> SEO AND SEARCH ENGINE  - Submit your blog to the search engines like yahoo, google, bing, etc, and earn traffic increase. Also there are many SEO tricks so search it and apply it for your blog. wid

8> WIDGETS - There are many widgets which can provide you with good amount of traffic for your blog. Some popular and useful widgets are:-
 a)  Link within
 b) Subscriber Button
 c) Share Button
 d) Popular Posts
 e) Recent Posts
 f) Scrinbia   

9> ORIGINAL AND GOOD CONTENT - Above all of the mentioned methods this one is most important and essential thing for each and every blogs. Try to write a unique content.

Other Methods -
a) Daily Posting
b) Article Directories
c) Blog Designing

Use these methods correctly and earn huge traffic.