Maintain your saltwater aquarium is essential to keeping your fish alive. How do you maintain a salt water aquarium? What things do you watch out for when maintaining a salt water aquarium. A salt water aquarium is pretty maintenance intensive but without doubt it is doable. Keep the following at your finger tips when it comes to maintaining your saltwater aquarium.

- Check the water in the tank every fortnight. You will have to keep a tab on the level of nitrate, amnonia, nitrite, salinity and pH. The baseline level you would already be aware when you were buying your fish. You may find various chemicals at the local pet shop that can help you adjust the levels of these parameters. If the salinity is too high , you should add some dechlorinated water, while if it is too low simply add some salt.

- Change the water. At the end of every week you should remove about 10% of the water in your salt water aquarium and replace with dechlorinated water. After a number of week say about six weeks interval, you should exchange twenty-five percent of the water with dechlorinated water.

- Keep your water tank clean. It is critical that your water tank is always clean and good looking not just for the aesthetic purposes but more so because of the health of your fish. You must monitor closely the amount of algae in your tank. Ensure that you keep the sides, top and edges free from algae all the time. You have to ensure that there are no dirt or debris in the gravel as well as floating in the water at any point in time.

- You must endeavor to check out the filters and ensure that they are clean also. Check the alkalinity as the producers of the filter pads have instructed.

Maintaining your saltwater aquarium though may seem initially like difficult task but it is a necessity if you are going to enjoy the enormous investment of time, money and energy that has gone into setting up the aquarium. In no little time these task would become something you would look forward to knowing that it was keeps you little friends alive and healthy.

The key to maintaining your aquarium is being systematic and keeping a schedule of what needs to be done on a routine basis. Also try and make it fun by carrying along kids and encouraging them to participate with the care and maintenance of the salt water aquarium.