For many people there is an easy way to get around the problem. Using the same username and password over and over again to login into their accounts. Infact an experiment conducted recently by international IT Security solution company reveals that some people use the same username and password in loging into several unsecured websites and it reveals that about 550,000 email addresses with usernames and passwords were found in social Networks and open Networks including blogs, torrent, and other channels.

Often they steal a person password and username through a phishing attacks, and then try the combinations on other popular services and networks like yahoo, facebook, myspace, paypal, gmail and twitter e.t.c. to see if it works there too.

The best and most reliable solution to this problem is to have different usernames and passwords to protects your identity and information that is not meant to be public. Another great suggestion is that people should combine several codes as passwords and change it often.
A research carried out by researchers advices that the best solutions is to have a 12-digit characters password. The researchers uses clusters of graphics to crack a 8- digit characters password in less than three hours. but when the same process was apply to a 12-digits characters password, they found that it would take about 80 years to crack it. it is hard to say what will happen in the future. but for now the 12-digit character password should be your standard.

Because a 12-digit character password stikes a balance between "convinience and security" it is assumed that a sophisticated hacker might be able to try 1 billion passwords combinations per hour. in that scenario it takes about 20 years to crack an 11-digit character password, but there is a big jump when you add just one more character, that means it will take about 80 years to crack a 12-digit characters password.

Passwords have gotten longer over the time and security experts are already recommending that people should use full sentences and long digit characters preferably a 12-digit characters as password....