There are  various reasons why many people and  job applicant failed employment and job placement test and interview.

Many candidates also passed the same test and interview with ease without much  stress.

Most companies and employers of labour now employ candidates and workers on merit according to the result of the test and interview taken by the applicant to determine their capabilities and efficiency on the jobs.

Most companies and employers of labor also pay huge amounts of salary to workers as per their contributions to the company development.

Therefore they reqruit the best candidates and job applicants who will work with them with the same spirit and and bring the company into limelight and next level of success.

They do not want m lazy and indolent employers who will not contribute positively to the growth of the company.

Mean while if you must pass the employment and jobs interview test please look into these points and consider it good and master it before going for the job placement test.

1 GET GOOD AND QUALITY QUALIFICATIONS-that qualifies you for the test,and  degrees with high grade is preferable.

Make sure that you get good grades in your degree courses after graduation such as first class ,second class upper and minimum of second class lower is preferable.

2 PREPARE YOUR CURRICULUM VITAE-Prepare a very good and sound curriculum vitae that match your areas of specialization,Make sure that your curriculum vitae contains all information about you in a concise manner.

3 SEND OUT COPIES OF YOUR CURRICULUM VITAE  TO COMPANIES-Make sure you sometimes send a copy of  your curriculum vitae to any company of your choice that may need your service.You may even go there and submit it by hands or through mail or email.You will be surprise that you are called for interview because many companies do not advertise their vacancy publickly. But secret talent hunts.

4 GET GOOD AND QUALITY JOB APTITUDE TEST REVISION TEXTBOOK OR PACKS-Make sure that you get good and quality job placement aptitude test course materials and start to read and revise them for the  coming test and interview.

5 CONSULT THE EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD OF STUDIES-Make sure that you consult an expert in your field of studies to  put you through on the job questions and answer methods so that you will not go out of points when answering job placement text.

6 REVISION EXERCISE-Make sure that you always revise your reading materials well before going for the test.

7 AVOID UNNECCESSARY PARTY-During your  job placement test period avoid going to parties instead use the period to read and study for your test, and you will pass the test.

8 GIVE CORRECT AND ACCURATE ANSWER DURING INTERVIEW-Make sure that you give correct and suitable answer to the questions asked during interview.Avoid unnecessary answers that will put you in a mess.

9 DRESSING CODES-Make sure you dress well and properly before attending such interview

Corporate suite such as coat is preferred  because the company needs smart and intelligent working class people to work with them not a dirty and un civilized person.Good dressing will give you some pass mark,so make sure you dress well to the interview hall.

10-BE CONFIDENT ALWAYS-Most reasons why people failed job placement interview test is lack of confidents on themselves.

When the panels of judges asked them some pertinent questions they were afraid even when they know the answer to the questions and because of fear,they give wrong answer to the questions,therefore drive away fears and be bold enough to face the panels and give them correct answer.

Remember that most of the judges are not better off than you but they have the privilege and opportunity to be there before you,therefore be smart and be wise.

11 ASK FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE JOBS-Make sure that you ask people regarding the jobs and how to prepare for it.

12  TIME FACTOR-Make sure that you keep with time factor as stated in your letter of invitation for the interview,be at the venue at least 30 minutes before the interview and test.Do not go late to the interview hall so as to help you revise and prepare for the test.

Also during the test in the hall make sure you beat the time and do not let the time beats you down and make sure you finished the Questions asked without leaving any one un answered.

Make sure that you answer the questions you know best first before attempting the strong and hard questions because this will waste your time and makes you lose marks.

13 OBEY EXAMS RULES AND LAWS-Please do not violate the rules and laws governing the test so that you will not be disqualified due to some unruling behaviours that can make supervisor to drive you out at the interview hall so be vigilant and be watchful.

14 PRAYERS-With God all things are possible make sure that you pray before going to the interview so that God will assist you and put smiles on your faces and faces of the panel of judges and grant you favor at the interview since the steps of the righteous are ordered by God.

When you practice what you read from this blueprint I am rest assured that you will pas your job interview and be successful and gain good jobs and employment.

Favour will smile on you at the interview hall and you will get that jobs and employment.

Please you can read Psalm 121 and Joshua  chapter 1 Verse 8 before you go to the interview hall and say this prayer points

Jesus the son of David,let your mercy speak for me

Jesus the son of David let your goodness speak for me

Jesus the son of David let your favour speak for me.

It is well go and attend the interview and believe that you will succeed.




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