As a baseball player I saw many of my teammates goof around during pre-game warm-ups, and I also saw many of them get hurt. Some people have different ways of warming-up before workouts, but this is the way I found most effective for me.


Warm-ups are essential because they get your body ready for explosive and/or straineous movements during workouts. The coach that motivated me to warm-up more often used to always tell me, "A warm rubber-band stretches better than a cold rubber-band." So, these are my favorite five warm-up exercises.

 Fave Five


I'm guessing that everyone reading this has jogged before and/or know what a jog is. Simply taking a short jog to break a sweat will help to warm up your entire body. I recommend a jog for 5 to 10 minutes.


Place your feet at shoulder-width apart, relax and twist your body from side to side. This movement will loosen your torso, shoulder and hips. I recommend this exercise be done for a count of 20, 10 in each side.

ARM CIRCLES (forwards and backwards)

Extend both arms towards the sides with open palms facing up. Then start rotating them in a small circular motion. After every two circles increase the size of the circle until you get to a count of 10 circles.

With the same position, do it backwards (opposite direction).


Hold on to a sturdy objects (fence, railing, et cetera). Then facing perpendicularly to the fence, stand on one foot and swing the opposite foot up in front, down under you and up behind you. The movement should be done in one motion. Repeat this movement for a 10 count, then switch feet and repeat movement for a 10 count as well.


This exercise should be started at a standing position, feet together and arms at a natural position hanging down on your sides. After proper stand is accomplished, slightly jump and open legs to a bit wider than shoulder-width, and at the same time bring arms up stretched out above your head. Then, jump again and bring body to the starting position, closing legs and bringing arms back down to your sides.


These five exercises will help your body get ready for more dynamic movements. Another thing my coach used to tell our team was, " warm-ups are a workout all by itself."

These simple movements done every other day to everyday will make sure you of less risk of injuries. Even if you're not an athlete, they will give you some relief of back, hip and neck pains. If any of these are present at the moment, I recommend that you see a doctor immediately. Try these at your own risk, and if unsure if you can do any of these exercises, see a doctor before performing them.

These are exercises that I do most days and have helped me on my everyday living to prevent injuries before workouts and in the days' tasks. Thanks for reading. Be safe. Happy workouts. Have fun and congrats on your healthy choices.