The author in Australia


In the last year or so just about everyone on this Planet has been affected with the scandals that rocked the financial markets. Banks and huge mortgage lender houses going under, and thousands of people suddenly finding themselves unemployed through no fault of their own.

Thousands of people have lost their homes and found themselves lving a totally different lifestyle, and those that had any savings soon saw that money evaporate in trying to sustain their basic living requirements in finding alternative accomadation or in trying to pay off debts.

For those folks that still managed to keep their job and their home, things are tight, for every penny now has to count and only the basic things are important. Cutbacks have been made in their homes, and extravagant purchases are no longer made on a whim when out shopping.

Here are some suggestions on saving money on your household bills;

First of all do the following;

  • Tote up your income (don't leave anything out) and include any savings and any other source such as interest from rental of property, goods, services.
  • Expenditure Make an accurate list of all outgoing payments. Include utilities (breaking down yearly payments into monthly) clothing, food shopping, mortgage, phone & broadband, and household insurance payments, car expenses such as a gas and routine servicing, road tax, state tax, insurance liability and credit payments if you are buying your vehicle on a fixed period loan contract.
  • Ideally you should have more money coming in than going out - with a little left over to save.

Now look at any possible savings you can make in your household and combine with a few money making ideas...

  • For example, do you really need that 50 inch Plasma TV you are hiring? How about that high speed broadband service - or the second automobile sitting in your garage gathering dust?
  • When was the last time you cleared out your loft/garage? What might be junk to you could be 'gold' to somebody else -so how about holding a garage sale? If you don't have enough stuff to put on the tables, ask your neighbors to join in the fun!

Even do a lttle deal with them and share a portion of any money made on sales providing they give you qaulity unwanted stuff to offer for sale.

  • If you have mobility and a pickup truck there are several great ideas open to you to use. Start your own recycle 'business' by collecting clean glass bottles or computer innards (some of these bits and pieces in a computer are dangerous so you need to seek expert opinion before touching them -such as laser components and hard drive units) game consoles, mobile/cell phones, etc. You can make your own choice of item(s) to collect by making a few inquiries to your local authority and/or companies that recycle technical components. They will give you a good guide as to what is 'hot' and in most demand, and pays the highest dollar too.
  • Consider installing a solar panel energy unit to cut your electric bills. You don't always need to live in Arizona or the middle of Australia or other location with lots of sunshine! And, it does not matter if you live in a ranch or a town house. There are plenty of companies on the Internet that sell easy to install solar panels and you can install the units yourself, or have a handyman do it for you at a reasonable price you can afford. Solar panels are cheaper than you think from around $1000 upwards depending on the size of the unit required for your property. Consider the cost of your electricity over a year from the utility board and compare the cost of installing solar panels -and what you can save over five years by using solar power to reduce your need to rely on the utility board supply.
  • If you have a spare bedroom how about renting it out? Even your unused garage could be let on short term lease.
  • Some of the ideas used years ago and put to one side are now coming back 'into fashion' again. How about this for folks that can't get out of their home, or perhaps are disabled? Make a little money knitting or sewing repairs, quilts, ornamental covers and so on. (Licking stamps and mailing letters for mailing houses is not a rewarding idea and usually is low paid, so I would avoid that line of income.)
  • Baby sitters are always in demand! But you have to be sure to build up a reputation that people will trust you with their child when they go out for the night. Be reasonable about your charges and you will get lots of repeat customers -for word will soon spread that you are 'the one'! But a word of caution here.

If you decide you can be a baby sitter you must realize you are taking on certain responsibilites for someone else's child and you need to know if there are any special needs such as diabetic, food allergies, does the child suffer from fits or any other disability? Too many sad incidents have happened in the past simply because baby sitters were not informed by the Parents of their charges. If you do decide to baby sit it can be a lucrative way to make a little extra money providing you are aware of the circumstances and requirements for child minding. Some countries will only allow state registered child minders to baby sit -so do find out what the legalities are in your country before setting up shop as a baby sitter.

  • Make a list of any money making ideas over a week or so -no matter how crazy they might be..and then narrow your list down to strong ideas and try to implement them.
  • Check out the Internet for other work related ideas; you will be surprised at what is out there -and you may well find another way to make some extra money at home in these difficult times.