HP officejet J6480


prints both sides option

has a fast draft option to save ink

all features work well

works with multiple computers

affordable for the small office



takes a bit long for scanning or copying

ink can get expensive, so I use fast draft a lot

Full Review

I purchased a HP Officejet J6480 All-In-One Printer last year, and I have to say I am quite impressed, considering the price. I managed to get it on sale, and had no problems setting it up. It will fax, scan, copy, and can be used by other computers in the office.

I am not normally a big fan of "all in one" of anything, as I find they tend not to do individual tasks very well, but I must say this printer has done well in my office. It gets used all the time. I especially like that I can print on both sides. When I first tried this option, I was scared that this was going to cause some kind of jam up, as I always seem to break printers myself!

But it basically prints the one page, and just before it kicks it out it sucks it back in again and turns it over to print on the other side.  So, you do have to make sure you are using fresh clean paper and not crumpled ones or it will jam.

If it does ever jam which only happened to me once, it is very easy to fix.  Modules come off this machine quite easily and the instruction manual is very clear.  

You can also use the fax section to feed in pages to create copies.  It will ask you if you want to make copies from the glass (under the cover a page at a time) or through the fax reader.  This feeder is a great place for making copies of a few pages at a time.

But it did well, the only beef I would have about that option, is that once it prints the page, it draws it half way back in and sits there "wait for ink to dry" before sucking it back in and rotating the page. I would have thought the ink was dry right away, so that part takes up time, if you have a large document to print using both sides. But I do like that it has this feature.

I also quite often use the "fast draft" feature, which uses less ink, and prints very quickly. Great for quick notes, or you just want to see how something would look on paper.

This Printer has got me through quite a few projects in my office. I am a big fan of HP products, and this is yet another great product of theirs that is perfect for the small office.

The fax works well, and the rest of the features do what they say they will do.

If I had any beefs about this HP J6480 is that you would not use this product if you wanted a lot of anything, such as huge faxes, or lots of copies or lots of scanning. As it is slower, but for a small office this works very well. The price is affordable, and I enjoy using it.

In Closing

If you have a small office, where you need to make a few copies, or send a couple of page faxes, or scan the odd document, then this HP J6480. You can do everything from your own office.


this is a good machine.