HP refurbished computers are the best kept secret in the technology world. People have no idea what HP refurbished computers are. I tell all of my friends and family to look for refurbished computers when they are ready to buy a laptop or desktop computer. The reason I recommend HP refurbished computers and laptops is because you can save you up to 50% off the price of a new HP laptop or desktop computer. So why pay more for the same product?

So now you know that refurbished HP computers and HP laptops are discounted greatly. But what are you getting? I will explain.

A refurbished HP laptop is a HP laptop that was purchased at an HP retail store and returned. You can return an HP laptop or desktop computer for just about any reason. Most stores have a no questions asked policy with HP notebooks, laptops and desktop computers. You can return them for any reason. People return laptops because parts may be missing or the laptop is scratched, damaged, wrong color, got a better price somewhere else or whatever.

The HP retail store will take the returned laptop or desktop computer and contact HP. HP will instruct them on what to do with the computer. The computer is either returned to HP or an HP certified repair station. The computer is shipped out and then refurbished by HP or an HP repair facility.

When an HP laptop or desktop computer is refurbished, it is first tested for functionality. If there are any failures, the defective parts are replaced with new parts and then retested. Any and all defective parts are replaced. When the computer is completed refurbished, it is like new and has a full HP factory warranty.

Refurbished HP laptops are discounted up to 50% depending on the model. The older refurbished HP laptops are cheaper than the newer models. I have bought a few refurbished HP laptops in the past and was very happy with them. They looked like brand new HP laptops and performed very well. Not a scratch on them but the box was damaged.

Refurbished HP notebooks are smaller than HP laptops but perform extremely well. I bought several refurbished HP notebooks at work for some of our employees. They needed something smaller and so the refurbished HP notebooks were perfect. I saved over $400 on each notebook and did not sacrifice anything. The other great thing about refurbished HP notebooks is that they are in stock and ship immediately. I received them in 4 days.

Refurbished HP laptops and computers give you a brand new HP laptop, notebook or desktop computer with full HP factory warranty and at a huge discount. You can literally save hundreds of dollars. Why pay more?