HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16 GB 9.7-Inch tablet

The first words that come into my mind after trying it out are – it is just too simple yet efficient to use.

Size, audio and display of HP TouchPad

The size of HP TouchPad is very good to hold in hand and the display also has a high quality. The capacitive touchscreen is perfectly responsive and the brightness and depth of images and videos is very good. The audio quality of HP TouchPad is exceptional and you will be hard pressed to find a better sounding speaker in a tablet. You can play music and watch movies without worrying about sound clarity. The capacitive touchscreen is a little bit glossy and a matte screen would definitely be a preferred one but it is not a big issue to complain about.

HP TouchPad WebOS review

The best part of HP TouchPad tablet is the improved WebOS interface and performance. The processor is very powerful and was able to support extreme multitasking (I had pdf reader, browser, music player, active downloads, calendar, contacts as well as snap fish launched at once and the device still worked perfectly).

There is flash support present in the browser and even on high flash content sites I faced no problem with the visibility or with the performance. The speed of browsing is super fast but that will also depend upon your service provider and plan. You can organize your currently opened windows in stacks which means that your navigation is simplified and usage time increased.

The windows are pushed vertically so no need to go to the home tab or remember anything for navigation. The alerts appear in the top horizontal tab and they are very easy and fast to access. They will stay there until you access them but because they occupy very small area it is not a nuisance.

The best thing is that you can also see what the alert is without actually opening the alert fully so it is up to you to decide whether to open a window for an alert or not. The last highlight features is Just Type. This is basically a sort of note taker where you might just write a post or just a small note. However, it also has the feature to find out the thing which you are typing.

Apps on HP TouchPad

With the large processor power and memory, the developing app store for this tablet presents a amazing opportunity for entertainment as well as productive task. Unlike most other tablets which do not have Skype and you need to install its app from the app store, HP TouchPad comes preinstalled with app for Skype and you just need to sync your contacts from phonebook contacts, Google calendars, Yahoo, AIM, and Skype. The front facing camera has a high resolution, takes in depth pictures, and has a very good autofocus however during video mode I found the focus a little bit imbalanced.


While HP TouchPad has taken care to have all features competitive enough to other tablets it has also surpassed many of them in the performance and innovation. Overall the tablet is an impressive one and a definite one suggested to be bought.