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The HTC 7 Trophy smartphone is a gamer’s delight when combining gaming with a cell phone.  In this day in age, it seems like the cellphone makes the person.  Well this phone does that very thing.  Say goodbye to that old Blackberry and hello to the smartphone that will not only keep you connected with gamer buddies, but also a way to game with them.  Although the HTC-7 Trophy came out in October 2010, it is still considered one of the best cell phones you can buy.   It has an ongoing great review that has many people floored with all the options of Verizon cellphones.

Reasons why this phone has many people talking about it:

  1. Light as a FeatherCredit:       It weighs nothing!  As for being only 140 grams, you will now understand the new meaning of light as a feather.   Although many might not agree, but there are many people when buying a phone who despises the paper weight that many phones can be.  With this HTC-7 trophy, it wins for being the lightest. 

2.      Xbox LIVE – the ultimate gaming experience on a cell phone.  What?  I thought we were talking about a cell phone.  Who would have thunk it?  Nearly an ingenious idea to combine the gaming community to a cell phone community.  What’s next, an all-night Call Of Duty competition straight from the palm of your hands?  Who knows it could happen!

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3.      The Need For Speed!  A 1GHz Snapdragon processor.  Tom Cruise said it right in Top Gun!  “The Need for Speed”.  Everything a grown boy needs to supply his gaming habits is processor to keep up with the changes.  Any gamer knows that a processor and a video card are many of the main keys to stay in the game.  The performance of a phone really does mean everything.


4.      SRS WOW - Surround Sound !  That’s right, The HTC-7 Trophy has the SRS WOW HD, which is an internal surround sound system for all your audio needs.  In combination to this technology, The HTC-7 also supplies a high fidelity sound app that sets your audio mixing needs to the maximum capabilities. 


5.      Visual effects stand Strong!  With the HTC-7 you can be assured that the 3.8in screen will show nice and clear with its vivid 245 PPI performance. 

HTC 7 Trophy Review

The HTC 7 Trophy is a top contender in Verizon Wireless smartphone technology.  In a challenge against other great phones, this one would make the Apple Iphone 4s sweat some.  This is a great alternative for any person in search for an affordable phone with all the bells and whistles.