Good news for HTC android smartphone users - the cell phone manufacturer has confirmed that they will be adding the latest version of google's mobile firmware to their upcoming models. Phones like the HTC EVO and HTC Desire are going to be some of the first to boast the latest version of the android mobile operating system, which should result in snappier overall system performance, enhanced security features and other small perks. 

Since HTC actually manufacturer's Googles own smartphone, the Nexus One, most people expect this to be the first HTC android 2.2 smartphone to roll off the company lines, while some HTC smartphone owners are concerned by an anticpated lack of support for phone models released earlier. 

Android 2.2 Overview for Smartphone Owners

The Android 2.2 upgrade itself boasts a number of attractive features over previous iterations of the mobile operating system. For one thing, android 2.2 htc phones will be outfitted with a new "tips widget" available on their home screens. The purpose of this widget is to provide relevant and timely tooltips for users that are configuring certain aspects of their user interface for the first time. This android 2.2 tips widget should make navigating the process of customizing your touch screen mobile device quicker and easier than before. 

Secondly, all android 2.2 htc phones will also benefit from minor support features tweaks and upgrades, such as the ability to remote wipe your phone in case it is stolen, compromised or lost, in order to protective your sensitive personal data. Meanwhile, all users of upgraded android 2.2 firmware will enjoy increased access to Exchange (2007 and later), such as one-login access to entire directories of personal contacts and the ability to sync your device with an Exchange server. 

Photos and Media Enhancements in Android 2.2

Upgrading HTC android 2.2 users will notice that images stored on their upgraded  phone can now be "peeked" into using a zoom gesture. This will allow you to quickly get a sense of the contents of a large photo stack or folder. 

The LED flash light has been configured to work with the camcorder mode, allowing users to capture their videos in low light or nightime settings which should provide more flexibility in recording media and capturing images in less than ideal lighting conditions. 

Overall, these are pretty exciting changes just on a basic level of functionality for owners of HTC smartphone that will become eligible for the android mobile OS upgrade

Another major change that most users will welcome is a change over to a new engine for processing javascript in the mobile browser. Transitioning to the "V8" engine, android mobile users will now notice their phones are much quicker to load web pages and mobile sites that are heavy on javascript coding, which had a tendency to bog down mobile android devices before. 

Great news for any HTC phone owner that was looking forward to snappier overall performance and some enhancements to their media recording and sharing experience! Not bad for a single android upgrade.