HTC Desire


Great Style

Great keyboard

Wonderful to navigate round

Easy to use

Heaps of features


Battery Life - With all the extras like WIFi, Bluetooth, GPS etc battery life can be as little as 4 or 5 hours of continous use. My phone usually lasts a day (heavy/ Medium use)

Full Review

Many people are still new to the world of the smart phone, as was I till last week when i took the plunge and purchased a HTC Desire on the Telstra Network (Australia). The reason I went with the Desire is because to me the other option is the famous Iphone. Now I personally have never got on well with the Apple software, ITunes and all the other software that goes with them, while i think they are a great tool. I prefer Google and Microsoft, which is where Googles Android technology comes in. The HTC desire uses Android software with belongs to Google. Now as many people do, I love Google, its my choice of search engine and even web browser.

Since the age of the mobile phone Nokia has always been my phone of choice, there simple to use, they have lots of good features and they always keep up with the times, this is the reason i bought the Desire. Having owned it for only a few hours I could easily navigate round the menus, processing power is fantastic with almost no waiting time for things to load. One thing i was worried about is the touch keyboard as i have fat fingers, I thought typing would be a nightmare, however HTC has a clever tool that predicts words should you not type the correct key, therefore its really very quick. The phone is also very personal with customization virtually endless, I have moved everything where I want it and that's a great feature.

A clever feature this phone uses is a contact feature that bundles your freinds together, so there social network ID, phone, address and other details are all linked. The phone will search all your emails and social netowork freinds and allow you too link contacts that are the same, very useful and fun!

One other major area is the world of Apps, some may be led to believe that there wouldn't be many for the Android world. Well they would be wrong. On the Desire there are literally thousands of Apps all waiting to be downloaded. I Have a few essential ones such as Facebook, Youtube, Stocks, Yellow Pages etc, and a few funky ones like A Barcode scanner, a spirit level and a app called Shazam that tells you what song your listening too just by letting the phone listen to it! With 2 Gig of space on the SD card there's plenty of room for apps, pictures, documents and the like.

Internet use is also no worries on this phone, I am a member of many forums and websites, all of which is perfect on the HTC, I even do my banking on it.

For specifications on the phone go to the HTC Website and search for the Desire.

In Closing

Anyone looking for a decent smart phone should seriously consider this unit, you almost forget that its actually a phone!