One of the best Android phones

The HTC Desire Z is one of the latest in HTC's line of quality smartphones. While pricey, we find it does a good job of learning from the mistakes of its predecessors and building upon what made the previous phones work so well. The Desire Z's main feature is the presence of a full QWERTY keyboard. If you're someone who loves Android smartphones but hates typing out emails or texts on an onscreen keyboard, this may very well be the phone for you.

Appearance wise, it's not unlike the Desire HD in that it's enormous. This is something users will either love or hate. Part of its gargantuan size—and at 180g, we can truly call it gargantuan—is due to its full QWERTY keyboard, which slides smoothly out on three hinges from underneath the touchscreen. This keyboard is truly a wonder—its rubbery keys are incredibly finger friendly, large and soft and easy to press, with a nice, large space bar. It also feels nicely strong in the hands—there is nothing cheap, creaky, or flimsy about this keyboard.

Its keyboard aside, its screen has shrank to 3.7 inches. This, however, is still a fairly large screen by normal standards. Big, bright, and beautiful, it's perfect for playing games or watching movies. The phone's exterior is also very strong, with attractive hints of aluminum. We also liked the presence of the two dedicated shortcut buttons, which can be programed to include whatever you like.

As with most Android phones, the presence of Android 2.2 Froyo plus HTC Sense is a great combination. The two work hand in hand to create a user experience that can't be beat. Overall, using the phone can be difficult if you're unused to phones as packed with features as this one is, but there's little about it that's truly confusing or convoluted.

When it comes to staying connected, you have everything you need to stay in touch online, including quadband technology, wi-fi, Bluetooth, HDSPA, EDGE, USB, and much more. Its QWERTY keybaord makes for nigh perfect texting and emailing. The Android Market also offers a truly tempting array of widgets and apps, many of which are free. Don't forget to check out the games available as well—they're sure to look amazing on a phone this slick. Finally, Android provides you with a wealth of Google related goodies, such as Gmail, Google Talk, and more.

Its five megapixel camera also includes autofocus, face detection, and geotagging among others. Its LED flash is also quite strong, though not as strong as a Xenon flash. Music related features include a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a quality music player, and much more.

As with many such phones, it's only real downside is that its battery life is quite bad. You'll need to charge this at least once a day. That aside, there is very little to be annoyed at. It's array of features means there's a little something for everyone. Definitely worth considering. Learn more today about how this phone can benefit you!