It seems as if any mobile phone with keypad buttons is so last year. It's the dawn of touch screen phones so here is my htc touch smartphone review to help you decide which among the numerous smartphones out in the market today is actually worth your bucks. What are you waiting for? Read on.

As for the design, the htc smartphone has a simple and sleek design with only a couple of buttons-power button, answering or ending a call, a volume adjustment button, a self-time button for the camera, and a selection button.

With this straightforward design coupled with its black and silver colors, the phone looks very neat, polished and undeniably classy. If you love taking pictures, you're going to love the numerous possibilities this phone has to offer. Boasting of a 2 megapixel camera, one can adjust the white balance, resolution, and exposure to suit the lighting condition of your subject.

However, since this smartphone is not equipped with a flash, shooting is therefore limited only to bright and sunny conditions. Another point in this htc touch smartphone review is its impressive multimedia player. Aside from listening to music, you can also amazingly watch a movie through this handset via Windows media player mobile.

Also, since you can add more memory to your smartphone through a microSD, you can sort your music playlist beforehand so playing it on your htc touch smartphone will be easier. One of the highlights of this handset is of course, its touch screen monitor. The monitor is indeed large and the quality good.

However, for those who have quite tubby fingers, you might find typing here a wee bit difficult because of the tiny keyboard. But then again, what's the stylus for, right? Another major point to consider is that the handset boasts of the newest HTC technology, TouchFLO that lets you access Windows Mobile 6, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Now, I guess that's it for this htc touch smartphone review. If you plan on buying a smartphone, you might want to consider this one for its sleek design and innovative qualities. Also, consider checking into some Alltel smart phone plans as you are on your search for cell phone reviews.

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