HX6511 Vs HX6711

Are you interested in buying a new 'quality' electric toothbrush -- and are specifically interested in two Philips models: the HX6511 (EasyClean) and HX6711 (HealthyWhite 710) models -- however are unsure as to which one to go for? Well, this objective and brief comparison guide of the two powered toothbrushes should be able to help you out -- through highlighting their differences as well as similarities in terms of features and specifications -- so you can easily and quickly decide as to which model better suits your dental needs and preferences (in all offering you the best value).

Fitted Technology

So firstly, both models are fitted with unique 'sonic technology' developed by Philips which allows them to clean your teeth "with up to 31,000 movements per minute" (obviously far more capable than a 'manual' toothbrush in this regard) -- meaning toothpaste and other fluids can get into very tight spaces in between your teeth and are able to edge closer (& clean) towards your gum line, ultimately resulting in a far cleaner & overall healthier mouth (hence more likely to be whiter too).

Philips Sonicare Easy Clean Sonic Electric Toothbrush, HX6511/50
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(price as of Dec 14, 2015)

However, where the HX6711 differs slightly in this department (and is in essence more advanced) is that it has two modes - mode 'one' is what has just been mentioned above which is called 'clean mode' (which you get with the HX6511) but it also has a second mode called 'clean and white mode'. This latter option provides you with the two minutes that you would get with the process 'clean mode' above, but also an additional extra 30 seconds of 'white mode' that focuses in on the visibility of front teeth -- being able to lighten coffee, wine stains etc. making your teeth (over a short period of time) get to lighter & lighter (white) shades.

Brush Heads

Also the HX6511 comes with 'ProResults brush heads' that have been specifically & ergonomically engineered to help "remove [disease causing] plaque along the gum line" through contoured 'ultra-soft' bristles which have been adapted to the shape of teeth --allowing you to have a more comfortable and effective tooth brushing experience.

The HX6711 however is fitted with new and 'more effective' brush heads due to them effectively incorporating the same concept as the ones mentioned above, but now have a greater coverage (i.e an increased surface area) & this in turn ensures a 'deeper' clean between your teeth.

Pracitcal Features

They also both come with two time tracking systems: the Smart-timer which tells you when to stop brushing after two minutes (the time period officially recommended by dentists) & then the Quadpacer which beeps every 30 seconds instructing you to change to a different quadrant of your mouth (e.g. upper-right, lower-right, upper-left, lower-left) -- and an extra 30 seconds with the HX6711 when on clean + white mode. If you need to stop, you are able to just hit the power button & then hit it again to go where from you left off.

Both models operate on a rechargeable battery -- s0 with regards to run time - they should both be able to run for a whole 2 weeks (that's 4 minutes a day - 2 mins morning and night), although 3 weeks is the claimed norm -- all from a single 24 hour charge, so pretty ideal for those who are travelling etc. It also has a small LED indicaor detailing the condition of the battery for when it needs to be recharged.

In terms of design they are both rather similar - being modern looking & slender along with being designed with an ergonomic grip to allow you to have full control and stability for when you are brushing your teeth.

Health Benefits as described by Philips

Claim to be the number one brand for dental devices as recommended by dental professionals.

Both models are 100% more effective of removing plaque than that of a manual tooth brush (i.e twice as effective).

Sonicare has also been proven to help reduce gingivitis and each model is safe to use on "orthodonitcs, dental work, veneers, implant material and sensitive teeth".

The HX6711 has been "clinically proven" to help whiten teeth "up to two shades in two weeks" with regular use of its clean & white mode.

Dimensions & Specifications

HX6511: Dimensions - 1.3 by 1.1 by 7.5 inches | Weight - 14.4 ounces. Easy Press Start.

HX6711: Dimensions -  1.3 by 1.1 by 7.5 inches | Weight - 14.6 ounces. Easy Press Start.

Customer Reviews

The HX6511 averages 4.6 from 5 stars (rounded it up) from over 394 reviews (sourced Amazon.com) -- so as you can see this model really does do its job and is "light years a head of manual brushes".

The HX6511 (EasyClean) Economist 2013-10-13 5.0 0 5

The HX6711 averages 4.4 from 5 stars (rounded  it up) from over 706 reviews (sourced AMazon.com) -- again although this model is slighty more expensive, the extra 'cleaning' white aspect is valued amongst users of the 710.

The HX6711 (HealthyWhite 710) Economist 2013-10-13 4.5 0 5

Further Information

Both models are backed by a two year (24 months) repair/replacement guarantee.

The sonicare toothbrush gradually increases power over a period of 14 uses allowing you to gradually get used to the Sonic technology.

What do you get in the box - HX6511 & HX6711: tooth brush, ProResults Brush Heads, Charger, Travel Cap. 

Conclusion: Should You Buy the HX6511 or the HX6711?

So the only real difference between the two models is that the HX6711 comes with the additional mode of 'clean & white' - which promotes whiter looking teeth, it is only this aspect that really differentiates them (everything else is practically the same e.g. the same sonic technology ec.). So if you suffer with yellow & stained looking teeth (or just want your teeth to be whiter in general) then opt for the HX6711 (I know I would need to).

However, if you are content with the way they look and are just interesting in keeping them all well maintained and healthy -- then by getting the HX6511 model you wouldn't be missing out on anything and would have saved yourself about $50. too In all, you can see that both models are incredibly well regarded amongst users and each model has been thought out and put together with quality level of craftsmanship and engineering - with an electric toothbrush that does a great job of what it says it does -- whilst offering great value relative to their price tags. 

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Which powered toothbrush will you buy and why? Also, if you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding the comparison: HX6511 Vs HX6711 or about any either model specifically (i.e the HX6511 or HX6711 with regards to their features etc.) then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.