There are mini games in Habbo Hotel that can keep you occupied when you have nothing to do. At the moment, there are only 10 mini games that you can play on Habbo Hotel. They are:

  1. Snow Storm
  2. Fast Food
  3. Habbo Speedway
  4. Habbo Pix Alfa
  5. Best of Turku 2012
  6. Superstar Streetz Multiplayer
  7. Hero Zero
  8. TetraBlok
  9. Matchwood
  10. Nova Raider

In this article, I will only talk about the third and fourth mini game.

Habbo Speedway

Habbo Speedway is a mini game in Habbo where you can race other users around a specific track using a car.

habbo speedway

My Garage

When you start out, you are given a car called ‘Go Go Go Kart”. You are also be provided with three types of power ups: Speed Boost, Glue and Missile.

Decorating your car

The paint color of your car will be black, but if you go to ‘My Garage’ and click on ‘Paint Color’, you will see that the color Blue is unlocked and you can click on it to turn your car into the color blue. In order for you to get the other colors available, you will have to purchase them using Credits, a Habbo Hotel currency that you can get only by paying in real cash or by clicking on the ‘Watch and Earn’ button when you enter Habbo. There are also other various types of car designs which you can purchase in the garage.

There are also ‘Particle Effects’. You will be given three free ones, and the particle effects are something like bubbles or whatever the effects are coming out from the back of your car.

‘Flags’ are used to spice up your car a little. There are quite a number of items in that section and you are provided with one free flag. The flag can be found at the back of your car.

All of these decorations need to be paid using the Habbo Currency, Credits.

You can also use horns. These horns can be sounded during the game and they have different sounds. However, you can only sound one horn that you choose during the game. There are many different types of horns, and all of them are provided for free.

Power ups

There are three different types of power ups in this mini game:

  1. Glue
  2. Missile
  3. Speed Boost

You can gain these power ups either through the daily spin or by purchasing them. It is highly recommended that you save up your Credits for other things instead of the power ups since you can get them for free daily.

What do these power ups do?


When you activate this power up, there will be glue on the track behind you, so if a car behind you steps onto the glue, they will spin around for a while and slowing them down.

Speed Boost

When you activate this power up, you will be given an extra boost and pass some of the players in front of you.


When you activate this power up, a missile will be released and it only stops when it hits a target. When it hits a car, it will slow the car down and thus allowing you to catch up.

How to play

You can try out the game by playing against Bots or you can play against other users on Habbo Hotel. The controls for the game are simple. You do not need to steer in this game. All you need to do is hold the spacebar button to accelerate and press ‘H’ to sound your horn. The horn, however, serves no purpose in helping you in the game so it’s only for entertainment.

There is a bar at the top right hand corner when you start the game.  If it reaches the maximum acceleration and you are near a corner, release your hold of the spacebar to slow down so that you won’t spin around and allow the other players to catch up to you. Do this every time you are near a corner because if you go too fast, your car will spin and you will slow down.

Badges you can win

speedway badges

You can earn three types of badges by completing specific achievements. These badges are:

  1. Habbo Speedway Racer
  2. Habbo Speedway Duck Master
  3. Habbo Speedway Speedster

How to earn these badges

Habbo Speedway Racer

You can receive this badge by winning certain amount of races in the mini game.

Habbo Speedway Duck Master

You can receive this badge by gaining 20 ducks through the Daily Spin. The duck is not a power up and it does not do anything.

Habbo Speedway Speedster

You can receive this badge by playing 100 races in the mini game.

My thoughts on Habbo Speedway

I like how the cars were designed and the particle effects as well. What I do hope is that they would add more racing tracks to the game because having only one racing track is not very exciting.

Habbo Pix Alfa

This mini game is based on the popular game called ‘Draw Something’, except that Habbo Pix is in pixel form. 

habbo pix alfa

How to play

You can challenge your friends by clicking on “New Game” and choosing a friend from your Habbo friend list. If not, you can choose “Random Player” and a player will be randomly selected for you to play against. You will be provided with three words as shown in the picture below. If you do not wish to challenge this player, you can click on “Not Now” and you will be directed back to the menu of the mini game. 

If you find it difficult to draw out any of these three words, you can click on “Change word pack” and you have to purchase them using Credits.


When you have chosen a word you would like to draw for your friend to guess, you will have to draw on a grid provided in the game. However, you can only draw using dull colors, which means you have to buy the other colors such as blue or red using Credits.

There is a special hammer tool. This tool helps you to clear a certain number of words when you are guessing the drawing your friend has sent you. If you run out of the hammer tool, you will have to purchase it using Credits.

Once you have finished your drawing, you can click on “Send challenge!” to your challenger and they will have to guess. Once they get the correct answer, you will have to wait for them to send you a challenge. You may even receive challenges from your friends, too.

My thoughts on Habbo Pix Alfa

This is another game to pass time and have fun with your friends. Sometimes it's really difficult to identify what the word is because the drawing is so bad but that is what makes it hilarious and fun.