There are mini games in Habbo Hotel that can keep you occupied when you have nothing to do. At this moment, there are only 10 mini games that you can play on Habbo Hotel. They are:

  1. Snow Storm
  2. Fast Food
  3. Habbo Speedway
  4. Habbo Pix Alfa
  5. Best of Turku 2012
  6. Superstar Streetz Multiplayer
  7. Hero Zero
  8. TetraBlok
  9. Matchwood
  10. Nova Raider

In this article, however, I will review Snow Storm and Fast Food

Habbo Hotel Mini Game - Snow Storm

This is a snowball fight game between Team Red and Team Blue. You can play this game three times a day, but if you are a Habbo Club member, you can have unlimited game play.

Habbo Hotel Snow Storm

How to play Snow Storm

There is a maximum of 5 members in each team, which means that in one round, there can only be a maximum of 10 players. You are either in Team Red or Team Blue. The minimum amount of players for the game to start is 4.

Snow Storm BadgesYou can earn badges for getting an achievement during the game, too. These badges can be worn by your Habbo character.

When the game starts, there is a blue bar at the left side of the screen. It shows you that you have 5 snowballs that you can shoot at the opposing team. There is a green speech bubble at the bottom of the blue bar. Clicking on it allows you to recharge your snowballs, but you can only recharge 1 snowball per click.

There is a counter at the top right hand corner of the screen. There are two gloves, one red and the other blue. These keep track of the score your team earns throughout the round. The score depends on the number of hits against your opponents.

There is a flag button at the top left hand corner of the screen. Clicking on it will have a pop-up message that asks if you want to surrender. If you do, the score you have earned for your team will not count and you exit the game.

Aiming a snowball at the opposing team

All you need to do is move your mouse over to one of the users in the opposing team and click. The snowball fires and it takes a while to hit them, depending on the distance between you and your opponent. When you see the snowball approaching, you can take this time to run so that it does not hit you. If multiple snowballs hit you or the opponent, your character falls down and has snow covering your face. You will take a few seconds to recover, so you can’t do anything else but wait.

The closer you are to the opponent, the better. You can hit your opponent easily since it would not give them much of a chance to avoid getting hit by it. However, when you are throwing snowballs, your character stays at the spot and throw. This allows one of the users from the opposing team to aim snowballs at you and hit you, causing you to fall down and taking a few seconds to recover.

How to avoid getting hit by a snowball

Walking around randomly is a good way to avoid getting hit by a snowball as it is hard for the snowball to actually hit you when you are moving. You can also hide behind things such as trees or ice blocks to stay hidden and not get hit.

My thoughts on Snow Storm

In Snow Storm, I enjoyed pelting snowballs at the opposing team. Missing your opponent or watching your character fall can be annoying but it's nevertheless enjoyable to play this game.  Even though I have never had snowball fights with my friends in real life, this game allowed me to do so with strangers and it was enjoyable to do so. I also managed to make new friends on Habbo while playing this mini game.

Habbo Hotel Mini Game - Fast Food

This is a game where you are a waiter or waitress at a restaurant and you are serving food to the customers using parachutes. This is an individual game where you are playing against two other players. There are power ups provided in the game, too.

Habbo Hotel Fast Food

How to play

There is be a large green arrow button when the game starts. You must wait for the food to be ready by looking at the red colored timer, and once the food is ready click on the green arrow button. This sends the food falling down to the table. The green arrow button will disappear and in its place is a red parachute. Click on the parachute to slow down the falling and allowing it to land on the table without the plate being shattered to pieces.

You will need to send 6 dishes of food safely down to your table first in order to win the game. The number of stars coloured represent the number of dishes you have successfully sent down to your table.

Types of dishes in the game

There are five types of dishes in the game:

  1. Soup
  2. Pizza
  3. Burger
  4. Drinks tray
  5. Cake

The soup, burger and pizza are the lightest in weight and the drinks tray and cake are heaviest in weight.

For the soup, burger and pizza, you can click on the parachute when it is close to the table. For the cake and drinks tray, when they are halfway down, you need to click on the parachute to ensure that the dish is safely on the table.

Power ups

The power ups give up advantages while playing fast food. There are three types of power ups and you can use up to three of each type per game. You can buy these power ups using Credits, or receive them at random after you finish a game.


Missiles are a very common choice of power ups because you can use them to fire at an opponent’s dish, causing the dish to be destroyed. Another power up, the shield, blocks these missiles from damaging the opponent’s dish. If the dish is already on the table, the missile is not able to destroy the dish.

Large Parachutes

The difference between a large parachute and a normal parachute is that this green parachute will almost stop your food from breaking into pieces when it is very near the table. It is useful, especially when you are serving cake or drinks tray.


These shields will protect you against missiles and your dish cannot break if it hits the table at a high speed. Therefore, the price of this power up is 5 credits for 5 shields. If you just started playing Fast Food, you can get 5 of them for free.


Fast Food BadgesYou can earn five badges by playing the game and completing the necessary things to do in order to get these badges. They are:

  1. Fast Food Winner
  2. Fast Food Rocketeer
  3. Fast Food Protector
  4. Last Minute Life Saver
  5. Fast Food Regular 
  • You can earn Fast Food Winner by winning a certain number of times in the mini game.
  • You can earn Fast Food Rocketeer by launching a certain number of missiles in the game.
  • You can earn Fast Food Protector by avoiding a certain number of missiles in the game.
  • You can earn Last Minute Life Saver by using a certain number of large parachutes in the game.
  • You can earn Fast Food Regular by playing the mini game on a certain number of different days.


The leaderboard shows the players with the highest amount of scores. There are also prizes where the top player will receive a Big Ruby. The Big Ruby can be exchanged for 200 credits. Three lucky runner-ups that are ranked between 2 to 50 will receive a Small Ruby. The Small Ruby can be exchanged for 75 credits.

Score Board

My Thoughts on Fast Food

My favorite part of the game is collecting the badges and trying to get on the leaderboard (it's pretty difficult). This is a fun, casual game that will keep you going back to it.