We all have dreams and desires and it drives us to want to become successful. The thing is, dreaming and having desires are the easy part. Reaching these dreams is where the challenge lies. The key to becoming successful is to teach yourself to implement habits and certain mindsets that will help you on your road to success.

There are some habits you can implement in your life, on a daily basis that will aid you in becoming successful in life.

Here are 6 habits and mind-sets that you can start implementing to start being more successful in live.

1. Establish Your Meaning of Success

The dictionaries definition for success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. This means you will be successful when you fulfil your dreams and desires that you aimed for, and not what other people around you say success is.

It is therefore important to establish what will make you feel successful. For some people this will mean becoming financially independent, others will feel successful when they reach the peak of their respective career path or finally started their own business.

When you find the things that will give you the feeling of success it will be easier to try and accomplish them. This will result in accomplishing your aims on a more regular occurrence, making you more successful in life. 

2. Set Yourself Short Term and Long Term Goals

Success can only be accomplished if you complete a set goal, it is therefore very important to set goals. Your goals can be structured into two categories, short term and long term goals.

Short term goals are usually easier to accomplish, it will also be quicker to accomplish them. Accomplishing these goals will build your confidence and make you feel successful. In order to be successful over the longer term, the accomplishing of shorter goals are your building blocks. Short term goals can also be seen as milestones on your way to accomplishing your main goal.

Long term goals will take more time and effort than the shorter term goal, but accomplishing these goals will be your success story.

In order to have more success you should try to incorporate short and long term goals to accomplish your goals.

Success is not luck

3. Find Inspiration but Don’t Compare Yourself with Other People

We can’t all be Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet and it doesn’t help comparing apples with pears.

But it is important to find someone that inspires you. When you have someone that you feel is a symbol of success, make an effort to study their life and habits and read their books.

Having an idol will give you the inspiration to follow their ways, learning their methods and having the same success as they have, but remember, do not compare your success with their success. Comparing your success with their success can quickly become an obsession and lead to giving up on your goals.

Find someone that you find inspiring and start learning their methods and mind-set.


4. Keep on Gaining KnowleSuccess thry knowledgedge

Knowledge leads to success. Don’t ever think you know enough. Successful people always find ways to add information to their knowledge.

If you want to be more successful stop wasting time on mind numbing activities and replace them with activities that will add to your knowledge. If you don’t know where to start, start with topics that relates to your goals and continue from there.

Schedule time to read or study on your selected topics and make an effort to find new topics. Gaining knowledge about a number of different topics will help with your road to becoming more successful.

5. Make Your Own Success, Don’t Be Passive

You won’t wake up one morning and be successful. The level of success that you will accomplish in life will depend on the effort you put in.

The first step to being active towards success is to make the decision that you will be successful in life. Changing your mind-set and constantly thinking about success will lead to constantly thinking of ways to reach your goals. You will start seeing opportunities everyday to reach your goals.

Start implementing point 2, 3 and 4 today. Don’t procrastinate.

6. Find Balance Between Work and Rest

Finally, you need to find a balance between rest and work. A well balanced life style between rest and work will keep you feeling fresh and inspired.

Schedule time for rest, exercise as well as time with friends and family. Not only will this give your brain some time to relax but it usually leads to new ideas and inspiration for success.


  • Establish your meaning of success.

  • Set yourself short term and long term goals.

  • Find inspiration but don’t compare yourself with other people.

  • Keep on gaining knowledge.

  • Make your own success, don’t be passive.

  • Find balance between work and rest. 

Just remember that successful people have a balanced life style and being rich doesn’t mean you are successful. Successful people are the individuals that have dreams and desires and find ways to accomplish it. Be passionate about your goals and make them your success story.

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