It is easy to be swayed in this world, to lose your sense of purpose or direction. There are many challenges we face on a daily basis that appear in a variety of forms, whether they are personal and family related, to do with work, or dealing with any number of adversities. There are many tools to help you achieve mental toughness, and the traits of people with remarkable mental toughness are detailed below.

They don’t complain

People with remarkable mental toughness are no strangers to adversity. Regardless of the challenges presented to them in everyday life, through situations or people, they take it on board. They don’t complain about the things that irk them, irrespective of those things being significant or not. They are aware that there are many challenges in life, and they accept that fact and don’t let it get in their way, or dissuade them from achieving their goals.

They focus on impressing themselves and not others

What other people think of them is not important. They know that they could never please everyone, or be who other people want them to be. They focus on who they are, and what they are trying to achieve or change. They make sure that the only person they answer to is themselves (and to an extent their families). They want to make themselves proud, and strive to achieve this on a daily basis.

They are thankful

Mentally tough people count their blessings. They understand how easily they could lose everything they have, what they have spent so long working towards. They appreciate the good things in their lives, and try to take nothing for granted. They work hard and reap the rewards but are able to stay grounded, as success and fortune can be fleeting.

They accept the past as a training tool

Simply put, they learn from their mistakes. All experiences leading up to the present moment, whether good or bad, can be used as a learning tool. They can take those experiences, look at them objectively, and decide what they want to do with them. They can make sure they never make those same mistakes again. They can improve on their previous successes.

They celebrate other people’s successes

Mentally tough people invest so much into their lives and their work, and recognise the dedication and effort that goes into remaining positive and persevering. So they can see the same dedication and effort in others, and joyously celebrate their successes, as well as their own.

They act as if they are in control, all of the time

Even though it may not be the case on the inside, on the outside, remarkably mentally tough people appear cool, calm and collected. Even when tiny seeds of doubt try to manifest within their minds they vanquish these thoughts of insecurity, or at the very least, they never let it show. Projecting the image of being in control, of every aspect, all of the time, helps them to believe that they are.

They don’t focus on what they can’t change

They pick their battles. They invest their effort and energy into situations or circumstances that they have the ability to control and change, not into those they can’t. They don’t spend a lot of time focusing on them, as they have many other things to work on, and accept that there really are things that cannot be changed. These don’t become hurdles, just circumstances that are as they are, and can’t be controlled. Remarkably mentally tough people focus their energies, skills and knowledge into the areas of their lives that can be manipulated. This is the key to their success.