This is the second article in the series - ‘Hacking Life’. In the last article, we discussed the Tim Ferriss way of hacking to make your life uber cool. However, it operates only at the mind level. While Tim would help you to reduce the hours you spend working, learn new skills at a rapid pace and pack your bags and go travelling around the world, but what if happiness still eludes you. Yeah I can hear you saying, you got to be kidding me. But think about the number of suicides committed by rich and famous people. From our perspective, they have everything in life – fame, money and everything money can buy, which hardly leaves anything. But in spite of having everything they get bored in life. In fact, because they have everything they get bored in life. Normally, whenever we become unhappy we can say, ‘Oh! I don’t have enough money’, ‘Oh! I am not famous’, ‘Oh! I don’t have time’. When you have everything, and still you are not happy there is nothing to blame, nothing to work towards. When you can’t achieve it from outside there is a need to look inside, which is the Abraham Hicks way.

Most of you would have already heard about Abraham’s teachings from one source or another. If you have heard about the book ‘The Secret’, a New York Times best seller, or ‘Ask and it is Given’, another international best seller, you would be aware about the message from Abraham. But who is this Abraham guy? Abraham is the collective consciousness of the non-physical or in simple terms the Source energy, which some may call as God. His teachings are channeled by a woman called Esther Hicks. Wait, what? Before you dismiss it as some other worldly mumbo-jumbo, let me present some facts. The channeling of spirits is a common practice in the branch of philosophy called mysticism and people have done that for over generations. There have been a few non-physical entities like Seth whose teachings became famous as Seth Speaks and have been endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Richard Bach, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson and others. If the non-physical part still looks weird, you can call it the wisdom of the author Esther Hicks. She is best known for the ‘Law of Attraction’, an international best-seller selling over 1.5 million copies. Apart from that she has also co-authored 8 other books with her husband Jerry Hicks and presented numerous workshops on the law of attraction with Abraham Hicks Publications. Is that reason enough to believe her? No need to believe her. But a lot of less smart people have already applied her lessons with tremendous results. Also, gurus of philosophy like Deepak Chopra, Richard Bach and celebrities like Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey endorse her. I think that’s proof enough for some of the smarter people like us to give it a try.

Esther Hicks
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The essence of their philosophy and their greatest gift is the knowledge about the ‘Law of Attraction’. According to the ‘Law of Attraction’, people attract into their lives whatever they think about. According to them the world is vibrational, with human beings made of pure energy and their thought vibrations are responsible for the vibrations to create whatever they are asking for. Since people spend most of their time complaining about things that are wrong in their life, they keep attracting misery to their life and it doesn’t change. To change your life, you have to begin with changing the way you think. So if you want more money in your life, or a loving partner or better health you have to think about it and feel good. You have to believe you already have those things and your life would start coming in-line with the vibrations required to reach that state and it will manifest. In fact, most of you would have already experienced this law in your life. Have you ever experienced when you were thinking about some old school friend, whom you hadn’t met for many years, and suddenly she calls the next day. Or you were thinking about buying a red Toyota Corolla and suddenly you start seeing the car everywhere you drive. Do you think it is just an accident? As master Oogway spoke in the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda’, “There are no accidents.” It is the Law of Attraction at work.

People are not the meek, submissive creatures destined to struggle through life. We are powerful creators capable of creating anything we can think about or desire. So how can you learn to apply the Law of Attraction for earning more money, or improving your health, or attracting that love partner in your life or getting the job you always wanted? The following steps can help you achieve anything through the law of attraction:

1. Define what you want – First of all, you must be clear what you want to achieve. Imagine it like there is a Santa sitting somewhere and you are sending him a request for a toy car. But if you don’t state exactly if it should be remote controlled or should come in red color or should be a racing car like Ferrari, Santa would not know what to give you. And you might just get a boring, black, dull, mini-van. So be very precise in terms of what you desire.

2. Request the Universe – Once you have made a list you should also send it to the universe or how else will the universe know. Visualize the car that you always wanted. Get a poster of that car and paste it on your wall. Imagine yourself driving the car. You can feel the luxury and comfort of its plush interiors. You can feel the power of its engine pumping the car on the street. You can feel the beauty of its sleek sports design. Behold the wonderful feeling that rises inside you. Write it down. Feel the way you would feel if you already had it in your possession. Once your current vibrations starts matching the vibrations you would have when you get that object, the universe will manifest it for you.

3. Believe in the Law of Attraction – If you keep asking the universe and at the same time keep doubting the power of the Law of Attraction it would not work. Believe in the all-powerful universe. The way to go about it is to begin small. If your first request to the universe is to get an Aston Martin and you have not even manifested a cab ride, you would never believe it would work. Start with manifesting small things like getting the first parking space or getting 100 dollars over the next month, from other than your usual modes of income, and then take it to the next level.

4. Eliminate negative thoughts – The Law of Attraction does not distinguish between positive and negative thoughts. If you keep worrying about how less money you make, the Universe will keep hearing less money and that is what you will get. Since our thinking habits have been formed over a lot of years, it is very difficult to suddenly eliminate all negative thoughts. The way to go about it would be to express gratitude towards the universe for the things that you already have – the people who love you, your health and the food you eat. Also, be conscious about your thoughts and keep some ‘Frequency Shifters’ up your sleeve. Play with your pet, listen to your favorite song, or watch your favorite series. These will help get your vibrations in sync.

5. Meditate – There is no better way to control your thoughts than meditation. Once the incessant barrage of useless thoughts stops, you can project positive thoughts and become willful creators. Start meditating for 10 min a day and slowly increase it to an hour. In fact there have been yogis who could create water out of nothing just by training their mind through years of meditation. Getting those extra 1000 dollars next month is just a cakewalk compared to that.

However, what to do if you do not know what you want in life? It means that you have not been paying attention to your emotional side. Our emotions are like an internal compass guiding us towards where we want to go. Feeling frustrated or unhappy is our body’s way of telling us of this is not what you want in life. Remain sensitive towards your emotions and you can figure out what you want.

Now, we have all the tools required to hack our life. We can hack the spiritual side with some help from Abraham and the physical side with some help from Tim. So get ready to break the shackles of slavery of a difficult, meaningless life, stuck in 9 to 5 job. And welcome the new you - the powerful creator who creates his own destiny and travels around the world having an incredible time.