Haier air conditioners are available in many models, shapes and strengths. In recent times most people prefer a split air conditioner, as opposed to a free standing type. The compressor section of a split air conditioner is mounted on the exterior wall of a room. The section that provides the cool air is placed indoors.

The two sections are connected by refrigeration tubing and power cables which are housed in conduit piping. A drain pipe is also connected to the indoor and outdoor sections. When humidity is suctioned out of the room, it is eliminated via the drain in the form of water.

In addition to providing powerful air conditioners to serve large areas of homes and offices, Haier has a number of really efficient split systems that are compact in size. These provide efficient cooling for small spaces. The beauty of the split air conditioners is that they are extremely quiet when running.

Haier was established in 1999, and since then the company has become a household name in the USA. In fact it is now a leading manufacturer of many household products and appliances. From the very beginning, Haier's objective is to produce the most technically advanced products.

Like all Haier's products, the air conditioners are at the cutting edge of technology. The innovative designs will enhance the appearance of any home or office. One of the best selling models is the ESAD4066 split system. It uses no chemicals that can damage ozone therefore it is eco-friendly.

The ESAD4066 is more energy efficient than many others on the market. You can operate all functions with a handy remote control. The fan can be set at one of three speed options and it also has a dehumidifying function.

As with any air conditioner, it is important that make sure the unit has enough power to cater for the room size. Be sure to check that the square footage of the space matches the power of the unit.

Haier also offers split systems that heat as well as cool. This is very practical in climates that have hot summers and cold winters.

You can keep your office or home at the same comfortable temperature all year round. Go online and have a look at pictures and specs of the many Haier models available. As mentioned already, you will be impressed at the state-of-the-art designs.

The positioning of your air con is extremely important to get the best results. For example if the room is exposed to the hot afternoon sun, avoid installing the compressor on that wall. This will cause the unit to labor unnecessarily and increase your electricity bill.

Also when installing the unit in a bedroom, it would be a good idea to position the indoor section away from the head of your bed.

Even though split air cons are very quiet, there is still a humming sound which may affect you when trying to sleep. With all this in mind, your can be sure that Haier air conditioners are among the best. Read through a few reviews online as testimony of the high quality.