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Haier beer dispenser parts converts your Haier beer cooler into a tasting cold draft brew. Haier makes some of the finest products, and their beer keg dispensers are quality products for American draft beer. Haier has relatively reasonable prices for their beer dispensers. Beer dispensers can cost thousands of dollars, but you can find a quality Haier beer dispenser for under a thousand dollars.

So why buy a Haier beer cooler for dispense beer? Well, if you're looking to dispenser draft beer the right way, you got to go with a kegerator. There's just no other way to get the quality, cold taste of your favorite draft beer. A Haier beer dispenser can go well with a rec room, or be used as your mini bar in the basement. A kegerator sure comes in handy for a BBQ cookouts, or for parties. A Haier beer dispenser can even go well in your kitchen, next to your kitchen counters.

Haier beer dispenser parts

The Haier beer dispenser parts will come with a Haier beer cooler, that can store and dispense a full size keg of beer, 1/2 a keg, or just 1/4 size of a keg. A Haier beer cooler, when dispensed with Co2 can last quite some time. Haier beer dispenser parts will include a Co2 tank, used to carbonate any American Beer of your choice. A standardized Co2 tank made out of aluminum. Co2 tanks will be shipped without the gas.

Haier beer dispenser parts will also include a air line, and a beer line. The air line connects with a coupler tap, and Co2 regulator. The beer line is used to connect the dispenser, with the faucet. The coupler tap comes in the American D system, which can dispense all American beers, except Anchor brews. The coupler tap won't dispense domestic beers. Other Haier beer dispenser parts include a faucet, a tower, a beer cleaning kit, and a drip tray.

Haier beer cooler for dispense beer

If you're looking to buy a Haier beer cooler that will dispenser beer, you should shop online. A lot of online stores will sell you a quality Haier beer dispensers that go for cheaper prices compared to retail. Some recommended places to buy Haier beer dispensers are, beverage factory, amazon, and Amazon usually has the best prices on products. You should find most Haier beer dispensers cost under a thousand dollars.

Haier BrewMaster Kegerator

Contains a stainless door, and the Co2 tank that can last 5 to 6 kegs. It's a relatively new product for Haier, that's a little more expensive. A real quality kegerator, that can also be used as a refrigerator. The Haier keg dispenser, also comes with two wire removable shelves. The features include a chrome beer tower, drip tray, cleaning kit, single faucet with a black handle faucet included, American D system coupler, chrome guardrail, and a single gauge regulator. Includes the beer line, air line, shank, and all other accessories for the beer dispenser. Also comes in the color black.

Haier Kegerator 2 Dual Faucet Keg Beer Cooler Tap

This Haier beer dispenser is currently going for an extremely good price at beverage factory. Costs around $500, but features a faucet tower with a double faucet tap. The Haier beer cooler can be converted into a refrigerator. Comes with a metal safety rail for mugs, and features American D coupler system, and Co2 gauge regulator. Holds a full keg, 1/2 keg, and 1/4 a keg for dispensing. Features a Co2 tank, coupler, faucet, and all the accessories needed except the keg of beer. Includes heavy duty casters.

Haier Virtual Steel BrewMaster Portable Kegerator

Features a virtual steel exterior color. This Haier beer dispenser supports a full keg, half keg, and a quarter sized keg. Features a chrome faucet tower, single tap, with a dripping tray. Comes with two wire shelves, to covert the Haier beer cooler into a refrigerator. Features an adjustable thermostat, with a cleaning kit. Contains all the Haier beer dispenser parts like the Co2 tank, American coupler D system, air line, beer line, and Co2 gauge regulator. Comes with an auto defrost system and a stainless steel keg base.