Many modern men want to do whatever it takes to improve their appearance but not all men know where to start. Women can easily find beauty and hair care tips in magazines and on beauty websites, but it can be a bit more difficult for men to find good personal hygiene advice. Those who want to look just as good as the men they see in music videos, magazines and TV shows should take the time to learn some hair careand personal hygiene tips.

Easy Hair Care Tips

Men who want to look attractive need to have nice looking hair. They should wash their hair with shampoo that will leave their hair silky soft and manageable. Men who color their hair need to use shampoo designed for color treated hair. This will help to correct any damage caused by coloring and prevent hair color from fading. Men who have dandruff should use a quality dandruff shampoo that will restore moisture and eliminate flakes.

Men who blow dry their hair each day should use a shampoo for dry, damaged hair. They should also use a heat protection spray before blow drying to reduce heat damage and prevent frizz. There are many terrific 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner products for men on the market. Men who have very dry, brittle hair should use a separate moisturizing hair conditioner after shampooing. The best mens hair care advice that professionals offer is to find an amazing hair stylist who can create a hairstyle based on the shape of the face. An excellent haircut does wonders for a man's appearance.

Personal Hygiene Tips

It is important for a man to look, feel and smell his best, especially while he is at work or out on a hot date. Rather than use a basic bar of soap during daily showers, men should select a moisturizing body wash that comes in a fragrance they like. Men can use a nylon shower puff or all natural loofah sponge to keep skin healthy and clean.

After showering, men can use an antiperspirant that will keep them dry throughout the day. A regular deodorant for men masks odor but does not reduce sweating. Deodorant products that contain aluminum zirconium provide enough protection for most men, but those who sweat excessively may want to consider using a clinical strength antiperspirant to reduce underarm wetness. Clinical strength antiperspirant has a high percentage of aluminum zirconium, which blocks sweat glands for long lasting protection. Men can also apply a deodorant powder underneath their arms for extra protection.

Before men get dressed, they can apply a deodorant body spray or their favorite cologne. Body spray is perfect for men who do not wear cologne or scented aftershave lotion. Some men use body spray after they workout at the gym and save their best cologne for special occasions. Men who use a scented aftershave lotion should select cologne that compliments the smell of the lotion. The scent of the cologne should be enticing, not overwhelming. Men only need to apply one or two sprays of cologne to their chest and neck in order to smell fantastic throughout the day.

Hair Care and Personal Hygiene Advice for Men