Welcome folks! Today I would like to discuss the trials and tribulations of clogged drains. If you have ever had a situation such as this, then you can understand how troublesome it can become. People either try to fix them themselves with some kind of tool or liquid plumber type deal, or they end up calling a plumber. I have been there and done that folks. I don't really like getting into situations where I really don't know the best solution. Therefore, I tend to analyze different situations for the most appropriate way around the problem. So let's identify the problem at hand – a clogged shower drain. Now let's examine the causes for this particular situation. I know that a lot of shower drains are clogged by hair. Surely there are many other things that can cause this particular problem, but hair is just common and easy to comprehend, considering the problem at hand. So, when a drain is clogged, what do most individuals do? From my experiences, I would have to say that a majority of people tend to call a plumber. This is all fine and grand because plumbers are professionals and know how to fix the dilemma, but there is one disadvantage that I can think of. Plumbers cost money. Sometimes they cost a little more money than most homeowners are willing to pay. However, in some situations, there seems to be no better option.

Once I had to pay for a plumber to come and unclog my shower drain, it did not take me long to get smart and learn a thing or two from the whole dilemma. So, I had to pay money for the plumber to come out to my house and fix the drain. I know that hair was what caused it because, quite frankly, I asked the plumbing technician. So, I had to think of a few ways that I could try to prevent the past from occurring again. Well, I have hair and do not feel like shaving it all off just so my shower drain won't become clogged with hair. So, I had to think to myself and generate any other options possible to keep this hair and drain problem from occurring again. The solution came with an easy to use, cheap solution. As it turns out, there are hair strainers or hair catchers that were designed to help stop hair from going down a shower drain. These little devices are very simply to understand and it is not hard to see that they could help.