Men and women both have a wide range of choices available to them when choosing hair-dyes. Aside from a myriad of colours including black, red, brunette or you can even be a blonde bombshell. There are even some not so natural colours such as blue, orange or green hair-dye. Whatever colour your heart and hair desire, you can have. Some hair-dye don’t require a colour commitment you would get if you chose a permanent hair colouring. Temporary hair colour washes out quickly, while semi permanent colours last a bit longer. Picking the right hair-dye is the difference between a wearing your new do with a radiant smile or a hat.

Permanent Hair-Dye

Permanent hair-dye first works to remove the colour from your hair and then deposits a new colour. Permanent colours may fade over time and through washing, but overall will simply grow out. If you really hate your new colour you can remove the hair-dye from your hair and start again. Permanent colours can either lighten or darken your hair.  Permanent hair colour will also cover gray hairs, so if the grays snuck up on you, this is how you fight back. Be prepared to touch up your roots every six to eight weeks or sooner if your hair grows particularly fast or if
you’ve gone through a big colour change like from dark brown to beach blonde.

Semi Permanent Hair-colour

Semi permanent colours add a hue of colour. The change is not as dramatic or long lasting as permanent dyes. If you have brown hair and are looking to cast a red shade or deepen the colour semi permanent colours will work for you. It only takes six to 12 washings for the colour to wash out of your hair. If you don’t like your new colour, you can wash with a clarifying shampoo to speed up the colour removal process.

Demi Permanent Hair-Dye

Demi permanent hair colouring will also only add a new hue or deepen your existing colour. It cannot change the hair colour to a whole new palette. You will not go from being a brunette to being a blonde with a demi permanent colour. Typically, demi permanent hair-dyes wash out in anywhere from 12 to 24 washings. As with a semi permanent colour, you can hasten the colour removal process with a clarifying shampoo or extra washings.

Temporary Hair-colouring

Many temporary-hair colours require no commitment. They generally last for only one washing, but if you have light-hair and added some deep purple or green, you may have to wash it more than once. Even though the directions say temporary, blondes need to use care because it can “stain”.

Add Drama with Special Effects

Manic Panic is a hugely popular choice among those looking for a double take with their shocking pink hair. In other words, Manic Panic is a really cool way of adding a hot colour. The first step is to use Manic Panic Flash Lightning  Bleach Kit 40 Volume, which strips the colour out of your locks and then choose one of their really cool colors and add the color, pattern or style of your choice. You have creativity at your fingertips when using Manic Panic.

Beach Blonde Bleaching

Stripping away the color to become the blonde you’ve always wanted to be is not the easiest task. Applying bleach to dark hair brings the hair through a variety of color stages which can include some shades of blue, bright orange, pale orange or copper. These colors are far from natural looking so be careful. 40 Volume  bleach is damaging if you don’t know what you are doing, especially those with color treated, permed or straightened-hair. The bleach can cause breakage – and not just a little you may end up with an unwanted buzz cut. Bleach dark-hair to blonde is definitely best left to the professionals.

What’s the Difference Between Men’s hair-dye and Women’s hair-dye?

There are a few differences, but none of them have anything to do with the way the process works. Men’s hair-dyes are the same formulation as women’s hair-dyes. The difference is pretty much only in the amount of hair-color that comes in the kit. Since, on average, men have shorter hair and less hair than women, means hair-coloring kits contain less product.

Do’s and Don’t’s of Hair-Coloring

Don’t color your eyebrows – the product can drip into your eyes.

Never, ever color your eye lashes. (eek scary stuff happens when you get hair-coloring in your eyes.)

Do take your contacts out when coloring  at home.

Do choose a temporary or semi permanent color when making a big change in hair-color to determine if you like the color and the color is right for you.

Do a skin test before applying the color, just to make sure you are not allergic to the dye.

Don’t or should I say never – color you hair when you are drunk, PMSing or otherwise hormonal.

Do go to a professional colorist if you are going from dark brown or black hair to blonde so you don’t end up with a crew cut or bright orange hair. It really is worth the expense.

Do think about your skin and eye coloring when choosing a color. If it is not your intention to sport an unnatural color, take your own coloring into consideration.

Do seek the help of a competent colorist if you want to pull your hair through a cap or foil in some highlights. It’s doable on your own or with the help of a friend, but it’s always best to avoid skunk stripes and patchy highlights.

Do leave the permant, semi, demi or temporary dye on for the recommended time. This isn’t a case of 20 minutes was great last time an hour would really make my look awesome. (more like really damaged)