Hair extension techniques have nearly been modified to an art. Some hair extension companies have designed their own special machines made specifically for their type of hair extension technique. If you are considering extensions, then it is important that you do your homework regarding the different techniques available. There are a lot of different factors that will determine which technique would be best. Consultations with hair extension stylists are usually free, so take your time and speak to different stylists before taking the plunge.

Here is a list of the most popular hair extension techniques:

Sewn In
Sewn in hair extensions, sometimes referred to as weaves, is one of the oldest and most popular hair extension techniques. Your natural hair is braided into tracks along your scalp. Hair extension wefts are then literally sewn into the braids. This hair extension technique works best with thick hair, as the tracks may cause slight bumps along the scalp. As your hair grows the extensions will become loose and need to taken out and redone. With proper care you may be able to reuse your hair extension wefts - which will save you some money.

Cold Fusion
Cold fusion is one of the new extension techniques available. An ultrasonic wave is used to soften the extension bond before it is attached to the root of a section of your natural hair. This technique uses no heat which makes it gentle on your natural hair and scalp. This technique is ideal for those with naturally thinner hair or those regrowing their hair after an illness.

Micro-cylinder / Micro Ring
The micro-cylinder technique is when a tiny cylinder is placed at the root of a section of your hair. An extension is placed in that same cylinder and the cylinder is then crimped shut. There is no heat, glue, or wax involved. If cared for properly, the hair extensions can often be re-used.

Thermal Fusion
Thermal fusion is when heat is used to soften the bond of the extension before attaching it to a section of your hair. This technique lasts for about 4-6 months with proper care. This technique is more expensive than sewn in hair extensions, but less expensive than cold fusion.

Seamless Wefts / Skin Wefts
Seamless wefts, sometimes called skin wefts, are hair wefts that are taped to your natural hair. This is the fastest of all hair extension techniques, but lasts only 2-6 weeks. The beauty of skin wefts is that they lay flat against your scalp making the place of attachment virtually invisible and undetectable.

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