There are several benefits of having hair extensions and you can get different types to suit your requirements and your pocket. The major factor about getting hair extensions is that you can give yourself a whole new look. You can go from having short hair to really long Repunzel like locks if you so desire. The way your hair looks can dramatically alter your appearance. For some, hair extensions can give them a more youthful and vibrant look and for others, the style can help to make them appear more mature.

Hair extensions for short hair usually mean adding longer extensions to camouflage the shorter lengths. This is a huge advantage for people who can not grow their own hair to the desired length or those who have recently had a hair cut which they absolutely hate and want a way to revert back to their original hairstyle without having to wait for months and months for it to grow back.

Hair Extensions Are Low Maintenance

Hair extensions for women can also mean there is less maintenance required on a daily basis in order to keep the hair looking good. One example is if you opt for single plait extensions. Once they have been done you only have to shake them out, run your fingers through them to remove any tangles, add a little hair braiding conditioner and you are good to go. No heavy duty washing, conditioning, curling or styling is required.

If you have naturally thin or fine hair, adding extensions could give you a much fuller head of hair and it will look completely natural. The hair will have more body and look just as if it was your very own.

The Cost Of Hair Extensions

The amount of money that you can spend on your hair can range quite widely and it will be the same if you decide to have hair extensions put in. You can opt for the cheaper option which would be synthetic hair extensions or you could purchase top quality human hair extensions which could cost you quite a few hundred pounds or dollars.

The Time It Takes To Put In Hair Extensions

Different styles and types of hair extensions take different lengths of time to attach. Clip on hairpieces can transform your look within minutes. You just clip them into place and adjust them to your liking. If you go for hair bonding or fusion hair extensions, this will take a few hours to put in. Sometimes you will have two or three different people working on your head at the same time and this will naturally be quicker to do. Hair extensions for short hair will totally transform your look and it may take you a while to get used to the extra weight of the hair as well as the look of it.