The hair implant procedure has been utilized on male pattern baldness for over fifty years. This transplanting of a patient's hair follicles from one section of the head to another gives a very nice looking results when treating a man's bald spot. Thousands of men now have a great looking head of their own hair growing where they used to have a shiny bald spot.

Unfortunately, this method was not very effect when treating female pattern baldness. The problem was in finding a good hair donor site for the transplantation. Hair implants for women didn't become feasible until this problem was solved.

In the standard hair implantation procedure a strip of scalp that has full hair growth is removed from an inconspicuous area of the head. For men this area is the back of the head. When men suffer pattern baldness they usually do not lose their hair on the posterior, or rear, section of the head. This allows for a great donor area because a strip of scalp can be removed and the individual hair follicles are easily prepared to be placed into the bald area. The incision is sewn up and the surrounding hair covers the scar within a month or two.

This procedure was not effective for women because they usually experience hair thinning over the entire scalp along with pattern bald spots. This meant there was no good area on the scalp to use as a donor area. Without a good area to get hair follicles the implantation method would not give good results. Thushair implants for women were hardly ever used.

This changed about ten years ago when a method was developed to remove individual hair follicle units from the body without actually removing a section of skin. This new method, Follicular Unit Extraction, is really quite ingenious. A surgeon uses a specially designed medical device to remove the individual hair units, including roots, directly from the skin. These follicles can then be inserted into the bald spot just like the follicles that were removed from the skin patch in the standard method.

There are three nice results from this new technique. First, there is no removal of scalp so there is no large scar. Two, hair units can be removed not only from the scalp but also any other part of the body giving a much larger donor area to choose from. Three, now women can get implants because this method allows the surgeon to choose hair units from several areas of the scalp and body and thus the removal is not noticeable.

This procedure revolutionized hair implanting for women. If you have a bald area that needs coverage this method is well worth trying.