For years the best treatment for hair loss consisted of placing a hair piece, also known as a toupee, on your head and calling it good. These really did not work very well as they were only held on with an elastic band that would stretch and allow the hair to slip off at the worst time like when you bent over or the wind blew. This has changed now as modern technology as been applied to these hair items.

The hair pieces in our day are unlike your granddad's hair piece. The hairs are singly inserted into the custom made base rather than knotted. With no lumps from knots there is an appearance that all of the hairs are growing out of your own head. These lace hair replacement systems (hair pieces) have been made from the 1950s but were only within reach of the very wealthy. If you have already been in the market for hair replacement systems for a while, you have usually heard of these systems as a style that movie stars and television celebrities such as Burt Reynolds, William Shatner and Sean Connery have been seen wearing for many years. However these hair systems have only recently become more commonly available to the typical hair piece wearer.

Even with the new technologies there are still some problems. The hair pieces must be cleaned every few months which means they have to go back to the manufacturer. Also, the bonding cement can cause irritation on the scalp. This is a fairly inexpensive way to cover up your baldness but it is not a solution you can use and then forget.

Compare this with the best hair implants available today. It is now possible for a cosmetic surgeon to transplant individual hair follicles and follicles in groups of up to three. This is how the hair naturally grows so they look real. Also, the surgeon can insert these hairs into the scalp in such a way as to match the growth direction of the surrounding hair. Again this allows for a very natural looking procedure that is almost impossible to spot.

The best thing about hair implants is that they last for years to come. Once the procedure is performed there is very little need for more treatment. Of course if hair loss starts in another area of the scalp then this will have to be dealt with but other than that they can be forgotten about. In the battle between hair pieces and hair implants I think hair implants win.