Up until the 1970's the hair piece or toupee' was the most popular way for a man to treat his hair loss. But in the 70's two things happened, hair pieces became much less popular because there had been so many jokes made about them. I mean, who hasn't seen a guy lose his toupee' into his soup or have it get caught on a doorway. They became a joke and no one took them seriously any more.

The second thing that happened was hair implants for men became available for the average man. And, the results were much better than they were for the first couple of decades of their use. Suddenly a man could afford to have hair implantation surgery done that really did look natural. That being said, with everyone trying to save money maybe a hair piece deserves a new look again. The new production methods have taken care of most of the problems.

Hair pieces right now are not like your old grandad's toupee. Each hair is one at a time injected into a base instead of being tied into the base material. No knots or slings gives the illusion of the hair actually growing from your scalp. This type of lace system has been available to buy since the 1950s but they were really only within the price range of all the movie stars or the wealthy business men. If you have been looking for hair systems for any length of time, you have already most likely heard of these as the kind that television and movie stars, for instance Burt Reynolds, Sean Connery and William Shatner, have been wearing for a long time. But these systems have just in recent times been more usually accessible to the regular hair replacement system user. It is now possible to get a hair replacement system, the new name for toupee', that looks absolutely natural for about $400.

The new adhesives have made the problems with them falling off a thing of the past. You can now wear a hair piece in the wind, skiing, even swimming and it will stay on. The old system held the piece on with a rubber band and it would for ever be slipping off. Now a man puts the hair system on and leaves it alone for about a month. At that time he takes the first one off and wears the spare while the original piece is sent in for cleaning. This system works very well.